06/11/2013 1:33PM

Cartel Quick, winner of Ruidoso Futurity, euthanized


Cartel Quick, who won Sunday’s $750,000 Ruidoso Futurity for Quarter Horses at Ruidoso Downs, was euthanized Monday because of kidney failure, according to his owner, Sergio Enriquez.

Cartel Quick was vanned from the racetrack to the test barn after the 350-yard Ruidoso Futurity. Enriquez said that Cartel Quick was later treated for dehydration at trainer Alonso Orozco’s barn, and showed improvement Sunday evening before taking a turn for the worse overnight.

Early Monday morning, Cartel Quick underwent further treatment, but did not show improvement, Enriquez said. The diagnosis of a kidney failure was made early Monday, he said.

“We thought we had it made the night before,” Enriquez said. “Overnight, he had other issues. The only other thing we could do was put him down so he didn’t suffer anymore.”

Cartel Quick was unbeaten in two starts and earned $317,100. After winning a division of the Ruidoso Futurity trials in his career debut on May 24, Cartel Quick won Sunday’s final by a nose over You N How Many More.

Enriquez, of Las Cruces, N.M., said that before Sunday Cartel Quick had shown no signs of illness since he began training earlier this year. He said the colt will undergo a necropsy at a state laboratory in Albuquerque, N.M.

oroalonso More than 1 year ago
Levi Thedford More than 1 year ago
know this is old new but so ppl know horse came back clean!!
Gambit More than 1 year ago
You know that this is high altitude racing. many factors could have happened for the kidneys to so all you people need to take a chill pill and quit with all the judgment is people like you guy that make the humans look bad come to judge before you know the truth you all should be ashamed. so factor this 98 degrees on the day of the race high altitude and Colette i don't believe you are a vet because my dog had kidney failure and it happened in a matter of minutes then she got an iv was fine for the night and the next day went down hill again so maybe you want to back to school so you can check your facts
Tyler More than 1 year ago
98 Degrees? Really I went and looked and I could've swore it said 84. If it was 98 degrees with such high altitude then why was races even being ran? How many other horses had to be euthanized on this day due to heat and high altitude?
Gambit More than 1 year ago
so you live in ruidoso to know what the weather felt like that day buddy???? cause i did and it was pretty hot for day in the mountains. but wait you might be right you looked it up and it is high altitude you might wanna look it up buddy
Tyler More than 1 year ago
Well Well.... Does this surprise anyone? The day before the Derby for QH for $822,000 had horses running that were caught with Demorphin last year that gave trainers the lengthy suspension.
Tyler More than 1 year ago
The race the day before
Frank More than 1 year ago
Most corrupt racing state and track in the country today. Somebody knows something that led to this horse's death.
Colette More than 1 year ago
I'd like to know who is giving all the posts that are questioning why Cartel Quick was euthanized so rapidly a thumbs down. For myself, I'd like to know how much medical or veterinary knowledge you have. In what medical or veterinary profession do you have your degree in? I do have such a degree as does my sister. I have been a Critical Care and an Emergency Room registered nurse for 33 yrs and my sister has been a veterinarian for 24 yrs. We both agree that there is NO circumstance where one can know whether or not kidney failure is permanent in 24 hrs. None!!! That is fact not opinion. You may not like it. But, you can't dispute medical fact.
Gambit More than 1 year ago
just saying you must not be a very good nurse!!! kidney failure can happen over night especially from over heating then high altitude 6,420 feet is pretty far from sea level if dont know what that is in miles its its more then a mile high
Colette More than 1 year ago
There is no way, in God's green Earth, to know whether or not kidney failure is permanent in 24 hrs. NO way!! Besides dehydration due to Lasix, there are many or causes for kidney failure. Some medications can & do cause kidney failure. But, most of the time, kidney failure that occurs suddenly (acutely) reverses itself. You will see a gradual improvement daily in the blood work results. It can & most of the time will take about a week or even longer to completely reverse kidney failure when the cause is other than dehydration due to meds such as Lasix. To have the very first sign of kidney failure, after a horse just raced and after also being given Lasix, then lead to euthanizing it within a day??? Then, to say the animal was suffering?? There is no suffering with kidney failure; no pain at all. Most humans aren't even aware that they have it until it is quite advanced & even then there is no pain. What does show up, and not within 24 hrs, is tiredness & lack of energy. Tired & with a lack of energy is how many horses are the day after they race & that has nothing to do with kidney failure. What has been done to Cartel Quick is so wrong on so many levels. I can't understand why publicizing such a reason for such a quick decision to euthanize hasn't raised a complete & total outcry across the racing community at all levels.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
The owner announces cause of death - death - long before the necropsy is performed.
William Pottetti More than 1 year ago
If it walks like a duck...talks like a duck then it IS A DUCK !!! FOUL PLAY - FULL INVESTIGATION !!!