11/27/2016 7:55PM

Carryover of $33,763.71 in pick-six jackpot


DEL MAR, Calif. – The single-ticket jackpot carryover in the Del Mar pick six, which must be paid out on closing-day of the meet next Sunday, enters the final four days of the meet at $33,763.71 after multiple tickets had the pick six on Sunday for the second straight day.

A formful afternoon produced 37 winning tickets, each worth $2,018.20.

There was $17,873.77 in the jackpot carryover after racing on Saturday. On Sunday, $138,803 in fresh money was bet on the pick six.

Of that amount – after takeout – 70 percent went to those with 6 of 6, 15 percent went to those with 5 of 6, and the remaining 15 percent was set aside for the single-ticket jackpot.