11/15/2015 9:38PM

Canceled big bet at Del Mar sparks investigation


A large wager that was canceled just minutes before the first race on Saturday at Del Mar prompted an investigation by officials from the racetrack, the California Horse Racing Board, and TVG, through which the wager was placed and then canceled.

 The subject of the bet was Tale of a Champion, a former graded stakes winner who was returning from a layoff of more than two years in a $40,000 claiming race. He was 3-5 in the early betting, was 2-1 just minutes before first post, but so much money came out of the win pool on him as the horses arrived at the gate that his odds jumped to 10-1 at the off. He finished last.

TVG reported to the CHRB that a customer made five $1,000 win bets on Tale of a Champion just after 7 a.m. on Saturday. According to the report provided by the racing board via TVG, “wagers of that size are not unusual for this customer.”

 The customer canceled all five bets at 12:28 p.m., two minutes before post, and, according to TVG, did not make any other bets on the race.

 The report said the customer “occasionally cancels wagers, but not disproportionately when comparing to his overall activity.”

 Jockeys appeal suspensions

 Santiago Gonzalez, the meet’s leading rider, and Felipe Valdez both have appealed suspensions handed down last week for careless riding and will continue to compete for now.

 Gonzalez was suspended for three days for his ride on Exactamente in the third race on Nov. 8. They team up again in race 1 on Thursday.

 Valdez got a seven-day suspension for crossing over severely on Di Giorgio, causing interference to several rivals, in a turf sprint in race 7 on Thursday.

 A roughly run turf sprint yielded another suspension, this one for three days, to Kerwin John for his ride on E Storm in race 6 on Friday.

◗ Jackie King, the director of group sales and an employee here for more than 30 years, was honored by Del Mar between races on Sunday. She is retiring at the end of the meet.



TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
I hit an exacta the other day at Mahoning, a track I hardly ever bet. when I placed my bet the winner was 3/5 and the second horse was 20/1. I made my bet with 1 min to post and the exacta was to my surprise 60 dollars. when the race was over and they put 32.50 on the tote board, I thought to myself, no wonder why I don't bet this crooked little **** hole!
ML NJ More than 1 year ago
Geez. This is so easy. No cancellations in the last ten minutes more than one minute after the bet was placed.. No offtrack bets in the last two minutes.
Michael Beauregard More than 1 year ago
The horse looked bad in the post parade real money players consider this. So he canceled his bet . I sometimes do this myself
Rick Marciniak More than 1 year ago
I remember cancelling my bets when I heard Life at Ten wasn't running so hot in the Ladies Classic. Thank goodness I was home that day and was ABLE to CANCEL those bets before they ran with the horse still running in the race. Sorry TVG, if the horse didn't look right (which he finished last). Maybe he had 2nd thoughts...
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
Manipulation of pools or any other type of manipulation is always bad. lets say foe example you are torn between 2 horses who look most likely to win .you look up at the board and one is 6/5 the other is 4/1 you decide the value is the 4/1 (ultimately good handicapping is about finding value). turns out some one is manipulating the pools by placing a $15000 bet on the 6/5 who you would like to have played but could not see value at 6/5 they then cancel the bet as the horse are going in the gate through various online sites..the 6/5 drifts up to 3/1 and the horse you bet is now 1/1.you are now getting no value .the 3/1 beats the other horse .and you end up wondering what took place that the odds moved so much so fast.
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
it's not bad, it's parimutueal racing, there is no reason someone shouldn't be able to cancel a wager, however, because there are offshore sites which are not tied to the pool, betting activity should be scrutinized - whales are always looking for an advantage but at the end of the day - if the race is run fair - it's bettor beware. Whales lose, too. There is no perfect "system". I am a believer in letting the opportunities come to me. I use exacta and DD wagering as much as I do win betting. There's a lot of value in those other pools, especially exactas, where the pools can be double that of win-bet pools if not triple. The size of the pool matters.
John Kosanovic More than 1 year ago
I had a superfactor box on the Breeders Cup classic. American Pharoah with 3 other horses. I should have cancelled it and replaced it with AP on top and box 4 horses for 2nd 3rd and 4th. for the same price ugh
Sarah MacIntosh More than 1 year ago
If twenty TVG member's decide to cancel five 1 K bet a piece it's not one thing anyone can do about it. No policy violation and it's part of gambling and it's human nature to change your mind. The tracks, TVG, and the respected states are making money on every dime we bet. So if we have a change of heart so be it. I bet the state, TVG nor the track and not to mention DRF ever have a change of heart in regards to their cut, or their fee's. Stop it if you need a opinion to make a profit.
Eric Singer More than 1 year ago
yes gamblers can potentially manipulate odds by making bets and canceling them and I see that as a legitimate part of the game. if the windows are open why should you not be allowed to cancel? - the house has a lot of advantages - including takeout. if you convert the odds of the horses in a given race into percentages you come out with a lot more than 100%. but since we all wager against one another manipulating the pools could cause bettors to make poor investments and at the end of the day - is that their own responsibility for being a tote board handicapper?
David L Stamper More than 1 year ago
The bettor has a right to cancel any wager, big or small as long as it is done before post time, period!
Joseph More than 1 year ago
Maybe people should stop gambling if they can't take losing one race.
Jack More than 1 year ago
The "Board" NEVER won a race ever, PAY no attention and you'll be better-off.....
Robert Clayton More than 1 year ago
Wow.....the board wins/loses 20 races a day......you've never seen a highly over bet horse win a race that on paper he shouldn't?......or a highly under bet horse perform way below what his pp's would dictate......you don't watch many races do you?