12/20/2012 2:17PM

California racing board to consider changing rules for Lasix administration


The California Horse Racing Board will consider amending its rules regarding the administration of the anti-bleeding medication furosemide, commonly known as Lasix, to have raceday shots given by state or track veterinarians, rather than private vets, according to a 45-day notice the racing board posted this week.

In addition, the rule would mandate that furosemide would be the only bleeder medication that could be used for racing.

The proposed rule change is not scheduled to be heard until the racing board’s monthly meeting on Feb. 21 at Santa Anita. But according to the proposed language in the amended rule, “furosemide shall be administered by the official veterinarian, the racing veterinarian or his or her designee.”

As proposed, the California rule sounds much like a rule that was put into effect this year in Kentucky, where vets assigned to the state racing commission now handle the administration of race-day Lasix. That transition has not been seamless, as there have been instances where horses scheduled to race were treated twice, or not at all.