06/26/2005 11:00PM

California owners elect board


B. Wayne Hughes, Jess Jackson and Marsha Naify have been elected to the board of directors of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, all for the first time. The TOC announced the election results last Friday. Billy Koch, Tom Mankiewicz, and Don Valpredo were reelected to the 12 person board.

Hughes, owner of a public storage company, had two starters in this year's Kentucky Derby: Don't Get Mad and Greeley's Galaxy.

Jackson, an attorney and owner of the Kendall-Jackson winery, has become one of the most active owners in the nation in recent years, acquiring racing and breeding stock.

Naify is the daughter of the late Marshall Naify, who owned the prominent 505 Farms until his death in 2000. Marsha Naify has been a horse owner since 2000.