05/15/2014 2:20PM

California Chrome treated for throat blister

Tom Keyser
California Chrome has been treated for a minor throat blister, which has been categorized by his connections as minor.

BALTIMORE - California Chrome has a small blister in his throat, which Alan Sherman, Art Sherman’s son and top assistant, described as a pimple. He said it appeared before the Derby, went down after treatment, and came back this week.

The throat is being treated again with a wash that is “all glycerin to coat it,” Alan Sherman said. He said blood work drawn Thursday was perfect, indicating no infection. He did not sound concerned in the least.

“Maybe we’ll get a bigger price,” Alan Sherman said.

Charles Vitale More than 1 year ago
Now that my pick of Danza is out, my second pick will win this race even easier. COMMANDING CURVE will win this race by 5 Lengths. After running my computer program from the Derby - Curve coming from post 16 would have won this race coming from any post under 7 by 3 lengths. So how can he (Curve) now win by 5 lengths if they come out of a side by side post? Rest – This is manly why there hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner with a chance in the last 12 years (2 out of 3). Many of you know me by the name of Charliedogs. I have picked more Belmont winners using this program system. Here are the spilt times for Commanding Curve from the Derby. 25.3 – 22.3 – 24.3 – 24.2 – 26.2 – take a look at this second fraction (22.3) and he finished 2nd! Chrome ran 24.1 – this was a 10 length lead he had on Commanding Curve until 6F. Curve close that down to 5 lengths at the 1m. by now most horse had tired and he was getting bounds around in the stretch as where Chrome was clear. This will not happen in the Belmont, the field will be half to less the size of the Derby, leaving Curve to sit right behind him at the 1/8 pole only to take the lead and draw away on a tired Chrome.
Mike Knox More than 1 year ago
Kell3 days ago tell them to play taps instead of the call to post..chrome is finished...call me a hatere whatever you want but this horse is not all that,,bet if he drew out a bit more we woulda never of heard nothing about the BLISTER! hopefully they dont scratch,,,like that yellow belly i'll have another,,california racing is inferior to the east coast HAHAHA EAT CROW LOSER!
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
Read my pre race post below. Sometimes wishful thinking is a handicappers worst enemy.as I posted this was much a do about nothing.
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
Social Inclusion run a very good race. He forced Cali Chrome to move early and got what he bargained for. California Chrome ran way from him. If there is a blue print to be Chrome in the derby you just watched it in the Preakness.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i know everyone is wondering how to make money in this race so , i'll tell ya how ! i gave everyone the trifecta on the derby , now there is only one way to make money in this prep race for the belmont , # 3 with 1,4,5,7,9 in a $20.00 exacta take what they're giving and bet it all on the chrome to win the belmont , easy !
Judy Maass Gadwood More than 1 year ago
First of all: Chromey raced in the Kentucky Derby with a blister and WON (no not my a mile because Victor saved some in the tank). Secondly: Team Sherman would NOT put this horse in a race if he felt he wasn't well enough. The Mig said on HRTV people like to over analyse this ailment. It is NOT serious. CC coughed ONCE and the media got hysterical. Relax people! Give Art Sherman some credit, please! I sense some peeps are just basically negative minded and post with that mind set. Jeez wish CC well. Racing has enough "bad" news without starting in on a horse who is trying to go for the Triple Crown. Thank you.
. More than 1 year ago
Baloney. A pimple? he's sick, like when you can;t swallow food because your throat hurts.. I'm not betting him now, good luck to all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
yeah he's sick alright , sick enough to win by only 10 lengths , if he wasn't geared down he'd probably win by 20 !!!!!!
Colin Dopson More than 1 year ago
CC will win, sure, but it won't be a waltz. He'll have to catch Social I. in the stretch and will only win by 1/2 length over that much improved colt. Play the exacta. Two closers will pick up the 3rd and 4th prizes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
are you an idiot ? social exclusion hasn't won a race worth mentioning ! he's a throw out in my book , sorry !!!!!!
Steve Ulen More than 1 year ago
Maybe this news will get me even money or 6/5 on the winner that waltzes home by 5...
nicholas More than 1 year ago
a non issue---bet early and often on CC