06/06/2014 6:59PM

California Chrome early Belmont favorite at 1-2


ELMONT, N.Y. – After a light amount of advance wagering reported Friday by the New York Racing Association, California Chrome is the heavy favorite for the 146th Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

With $64,458 in the win pool, most of it ontrack, California Chrome is the 1-2 choice, followed by Commanding Curve (6-1), Wicked Strong (8-1), Ride On Curlin (11-1), and Tonalist (13-1).

California Chrome also is a big favorite in the two-day daily double wager linking him with Charming Kitten, the 5-1 winner of the Belmont Gold Cup on Friday. There is a pair of two-day doubles this year, the other being the True North (Friday) with the Met Mile (Saturday). Mutuel handle on the double ending with the Belmont was $656,728.

Here are rundowns of early Belmont odds and double will-pays:

1. Medal Count, 21-1
2. California Chrome, 1-2
3. Matterhorn, 59-1
4. Commanding Curve, 6-1
5. Ride On Curlin, 11-1
6. Matuszak, 47-1
7. Samraat, 41-1
8. Commissioner, 43-1
9. Wicked Strong, 8-1
10. General a Rod, 50-1
11. Tonalist, 13-1

Win handle: $64,458

Charming Kitten (#3) with:
1. Medal Count, $258.50
2. California Chrome, $38
3. Matterhorn, $936
4. Commanding Curve, $150
5. Ride On Curlin, $144.50
6. Matuszak, $697
7. Samraat, $272
8. Commissioner, $368
9. Wicked Strong, $85.50
10. General a Rod, $472
11. Tonalist, $127

Double pool: $656,728

Palace (#7) with:
1. Palace Malice, $48
2. Vyjack, $246
3. Scarly Charly, $1,728
4. Goldencents, $134
5. Moreno, $183
6. Central Banker, SCR
7. Capo Bastone, $676
8. Declan’s Warrior, $926
9. Normandy Invasion, $93.50
10. Clearly Now, $189
11. Broadway Empire, $880
12. Romansh, $455.50
13. Shakin It Up, $175

Double pool: $203,245



Joe Dekarski More than 1 year ago
i can t believe CC owners rant,hey pal u can t have it both ways,this horse was so over rated,the list of tc horses who ve lost is loaded wih great horses whos owners didn t complain,cc jockey finally had to work and thats that,great race to bad this guy insulted the sport that got them there.
James G Romano More than 1 year ago
BETTING tid bits; Commanding Curve and Wicked Strong have lower LAS VEGAS ML odds than BELMONT`s track handi pandicapper. C.Chrome and Commanding Curve will get bet in exactas from many believers in the Double Letter,in this case "C C ". Tonalist will get bet from people who just look at the odds` closeness[hard to explain,now] ,and finally 'Grand Pa`s System; which it really works,,if you can afford losing streak$ and then cashing really BIG[yes,Big,big!] 1-7-8,,all three,$20 WPS,,and hope/pray that the odds on will be out of the money.. Las Vegas line that C.Chrome wont win; 1-1.Don`t bet what you don`t have[that includes all credit cards]. PS; Beyer.Interesting as a columnist,but as a handicapper,for me,time has passed him by. It` is many moons ago that he wrote those books,or Quinn`s,Mitchell`s,Quirin`s,Scott`s,etccc. Time does NOT stand still,,unlike some NY trainers ,and politicians,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Dane Carnell Sr. More than 1 year ago
what is the amount to wheel four horses? I'm a first time better.
Mike Rozier More than 1 year ago
Depends on how many horses you are going to wheel the 4 horses with and what kind of wager you are making: Exacta, Trifecta, Super. Are you sure you aren't talking about "boxing" 4 horses? If so, it will be $24 for a $2 Exacta, $24 for a $1 Trifecta, and $24 for a $1 Superfecta.
Dane Carnell Sr. More than 1 year ago
which one has the best pay off?
Mike Rozier More than 1 year ago
The Superfecta will have the best pay off, but is also the most difficult to hit. Experienced horseplayers struggle to hit Superfectas much less 1st time bettors. And many experienced horseplayers don't bet Superfectas because they are considered sucker bets. I would strongly suggest just betting some Exacta and Trifecta tickets for a 1st time bettor. Those will be hard enough to hit. Also, if you have California Chrome on top in an Exacta, it is not going to pay very much and thus boxing him with 3 other horses you may well be lucky to even get your money back. Especially if he comes in 1st with the 2nd favorite coming in to complete the Exacta. You'll either need to key CC on top, and hammer him with a horse or 2 in the Exacta, or take a stand against him to finish 2nd or worse.
Dane Carnell Sr. More than 1 year ago
what is the price to wheel four horses? first time better.....
Mike Rozier More than 1 year ago
Going with Medal Count, Samraat, and Wicked Strong to complete the Exacta. Will be a great day of racing. Good luck to all.
alex More than 1 year ago
$200 exacta box CC- General a Rod
alex More than 1 year ago
If CC doesn't win the winner will be general a rod. $200 exacta box
Richard Cadena More than 1 year ago
If California Chrome wins they will need to send a few pre-paid Amazon therapy sessions to help A. Beyer decompress; if C.C. loses, A. Beyer may sill have withdrawals, who will he be able to write about and get the large volume of comments to his diatribes.
Tom F More than 1 year ago
hilarious Hilarious!!
Richard Cadena More than 1 year ago
Maybe after the Belmont the people from the evil empire can stage another race and bring back California Chrome, The Sequel: California Chrome strikes back.
Richard Cadena More than 1 year ago
The handicappers, horse prognosticators, clairvoyants, and anyone else that can piggyback off California Chrome have been able to make this Belmont a small cottage industry in the name of California Chrome; even the ones that trash him, have profited from C.C. What else would they be chirping about without C.C.