05/16/2014 7:11PM

California Chrome bet to 1-2 after Friday in-state wagering


BALTIMORE – California Chrome was the early 1-2 favorite for the 139th Preakness at Pimlico on Saturday after in-state advance-wagering handle was reported Friday.

As of 6:30 p.m. Eastern and with only $51,655 reported by Pimlico mutuels officials in the win pool from in-state sources, California Chrome was followed in the Preakness wagering by Social Inclusion (8-1), Bayern (9-1), Kid Cruz (10-1), and Ride On Curlin (11-1).

California Chrome also is the heavy favorite in will-pays for the two-day daily double combining the Pimlico Special and Preakness. A $2 ticket with Revolutionary and California Chrome would return $12. Handle was $495,486.

Handle on the inaugural pick three wager linking the Pimlico Special to the Dixie Stakes and Preakness was reported at $339,157.

Here are the early odds and payoffs:

Preakness early odds
(Post, Horse, Odds)
1. Dynamic Impact, 24-1
2. General a Rod, 23-1
3. California Chrome, 1-2
4. Ring Weekend, 25-1
5. Bayern, 9-1
6. Ria Antonia, 14-1
7. Kid Cruz, 10-1
8. Social Inclusion, 8-1
9. Pablo Del Monte, 50-1
10. Ride On Curlin, 11-1

Win pool: $51,655

$2 Pimlico Special-Preakness double will-pays

Pimlico Special winner Revolutionary (No. 6) with:
(Post, Horse, $2 will-pay)
1. Dynamic Impact, $162.80
2. General a Rod, $140.60
3. California Chrome, $12.00
4. Ring Weekend, $390.20
5. Bayern, $132.20
6. Ria Antonia, $427.20
7. Kid Cruz, $134.80
8. Social Inclusion, $56.00
9. Pablo Del Monte, $463.20
10. Ride On Curlin, $76.20

Double pool: $495,486

L.S. Heatherly More than 1 year ago
Maybe a brief psycho-socio-cultural analysis will bring the point home in a bit more detailed manner: Dynamic Impact: too general a term/name-- the accelerating pace of novelty for the sake of novelty generates many dynamic impacts in our lives. General a Rod: not many know of such a general. Ring Weekend: A bit too obscure for most betters. Bayern: sounds like an adjective for Bayer asperin. Ria Antonia: someplace little known place south of the border. Kid Cruz: Cruz is an Ok name; but kids don't win collegiate, or big time games. Social Inclusion: This is the "sport of kings. Most of the betting money is coming from the upper 5 %; from those that are AGAINST social inclusion(hence 5-1 becomes 8-1 Pablo Del Monte: not even speaking the national language-- may be referring to an Hispanic food cannery. Ride On Curlin: A fair number remember the Sire Curlin; and these would like to ride this son of his to the winner's circle. Here's to a good race, a fair pace, and no jockey-shenanigans (like boxing in the favorite, which the stewards claim to be against with "may the best horse on this particlular day win") to us all, betters and mere viewers alike. L.S.
L.S. Heatherly More than 1 year ago
California is generally associated with being the 1st with many or everything-- where most new technological innovation and other kinds of social and culrural innovation happens FIRST. Hence, there is a subliminal association of California with being 1st , i.e. the winner! I could write a small paper on this; but you get it -- the meaning/value that is associated with the name, California. L.S. Heatherly
Jeff Wright More than 1 year ago
Seriously what is going on, 1-2? Who will take 1-2 please speak up.. Just trying to understand the mindset is all, and how much you're betting. Clearly he's the horse to beat but theres a little reason to be weary right?? . He's been on this campain without rest for 5 months and running back in 2 weeks against slightly faster and fresher. He doesnt carry that much weight its at least cause to think. People are typically Beyer obsessed and SI has a higher figure and actually figures to improve being so lightly raced. SI is clearly talented and needed his last race. Chrome came off a regression and is on short rest. I dont need you to tell me Chrome is special, he is, i just want someone to speak up about taking 1-2. because everyone i talk to thinks its way too low and its a little spooky.
Ron Rios More than 1 year ago
every year in the preakness,there is always fresher and seemingly faster horses, but almost always a ky derby horse wins the race, remember governor charlie last year?
Jeff Wright More than 1 year ago
True but the difference this year is Bayern and Social Inclusion were the highly regarded 3 year olds before the derby.. and would have been 2nd and 3rd betting choices. In other words he's actually facing a few tougher foes here. That does not happen often, if ever.
Surasak More than 1 year ago
Jeff Wright, I will not bet anything lower than 6/5. If CC win, it is great. I just sit ad watch.