08/13/2008 11:00PM

Calder lifts barn restrictions


MIAMI – Officials at Calder Race Course and from the state of Florida lifted restrictions Thursday placed on two barns for precautionary reasons after a horse died from unknown causes at the track earlier this week.

According to Calder’s senior association veterinarian Patricia Marquis, tests taken on the deceased horse at the University of Florida lab in Gainesville proved negative for any infectious diseases. Horses in the two barns affected by the restrictions had been allowed on the training track, but not over the main track, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after the other horses completed training. Those horses will be allowed back on the main track and to mingle with the general population beginning Friday.

“Two representatives from the state toured the grounds this morning and were satisfied all was well and that the restrictions could be lifted,” said Marquis. “We will continue to monitor the temperatures of some of the horses from the two previously restricted barns over the next week just for added precaution.”