04/27/2005 11:00PM

Calabrese sues Tribune


A prominent Chicago horse owner and businessman, Frank Calabrese, has filed a lawsuit against the Tribune Company, parent company of the Chicago Tribune, alleging the paper invaded his privacy and defamed him when it mistakenly ran his photograph with a story in Tuesday's paper about the arrest of a reputed organized crime figure also named Frank Calabrese.

"I went out at 5:30 in the morning to get my paper, I turn to page 18, and there's my picture," Calabrese said by phone on Thursday. "I got real upset."

Calabrese said his attorney, Jeff Bunn, filed the suit Tuesday. The Tribune reported that the suit asks for minimum damages of $1 million for each count, but Calabrese said he was seeking no specific monetary award.

The Tribune ran a lengthy story Wednesday detailing the mistake and offering a complimentary profile of Calabrese and his business.