05/06/2014 9:24AM

Burdine promoted to general manager at Hill 'n' Dale


Jared Burdine has been named general manager of Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm in Lexington, Ky.

Burdine is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in accounting. He joined Hill ‘n’ Dale as an intern in 2004 and last served as the farm’s assistant controller before taking his current position.

“He has worked his way up from within our organization and has learned the inner workings of the farm from the ground up,” said John G. Sikura, president of Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm. “His dedication, attention to detail, tireless work ethic, and concern for our customers and their horses, make him ideally suited for the position to which he has been promoted.”

Burdine is a native of Northern Kentucky, and grew up around Rocky Mountain horses.

“When you’re a baseball player, you want to be playing for the New York Yankees,” said Burdine said. “I will never cease to marvel at Hill ‘n’ Dale and its horses. It is gratifying to walk around the courtyard at the stallion complex and see the likes of a Stormy Atlantic or a Midnight Lute or any of the emerging stars in our roster.”