10/24/2004 11:00PM

Builder of Michigan tracks dies


Dominic Marotta, a former Thoroughbred owner and trainer who along with his brother, Frank Marotta, built and operated two racetracks in Michigan, died Sunday at age 74.

Dominic Marotta was licensed as an owner and trainer in Michigan from 1951 to 1976, and raced primarily at Hazel Park Racetrack and Detroit Race Course. In the 1980's, Marotta and his brother combined their construction business background with their enthusiasm for racing and built and operated Sports Creek Raceway, a harness track near Flint, Mich., that opened in 1986 and is still in operation. The Marottas also built and managed the former Muskegon Raceway, a harness track that opened in 1989. Muskegon Raceway is now named Great Lakes Downs and is Michigan's only Thoroughbred track.

Marotta is survived by his wife, Connie; a son, Tony; and three grandchildren.