11/14/2008 12:00AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, November 15th


We came up with a stinker with our Pick last week, but there were four solid BreezeFigs winners on that card and another 10 during the week including four on Veterans Day at Philadelphia (two), Finger Lakes and Turf Paradise—proving once again that BreezeFigs does spread its influence. Today’s card is definitely going to be affected by the weather in most parts of the country, but we are still tempted to stick with opportunities featuring first-time starters, and we’ve got two of them below. So sign up for DRF-Plus and get the card on the front page of .

Remember, there’s a new look to our sheets for the sales of 2008—we have added SURFACE as a new category to tell you whether the horse breezed on a dirt (D) or synthetic (S) track. There are four (S) sales this year—OBSFEB, OBSMAR, OBSAPR and KEEAPR; and three D sales—FTFFEB, BARMAR and EASMAY. Just to add some more insight to your handicapping.

Also, our rules still hold about BreezeFigs “qualified” runners: You can get a good idea of what “qualified” BreezeFigs horses are by clicking on BreezeFigs Information underneath the two BreezeFigs links in the DRF-PLUS box in the right hand column on the home page and downloading files there. Remember, keep stride length (SL) in mind when handicapping from the BreezeFigs sheet and take advantage of all the tips that we provide on those sheets as well.

Also, refer to a study we did which shows that using BreezeFigs for 3-year-old maiden races in just as viable as using them for 2-year-old maiden races. Go to the DRF PLUS box on the www.drf.com home page, click on BreezeFigs™ Information, and then download “2006 Sales Study,” or just .

If you’d like to learn a little more about how we come up with BreezeFigs, take a look at our new website by clicking here: .

Here are two races that might be affected by the weather, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Good luck!

Aqueduct, , Maiden Special Weight, 5½ Furlongs (Dirt)

Two first-time starters in this race merit serious consideration, even if the track goes gooey. Khan of Khans earned a decent four-over-Par Group 1 profile at EASMAY showing a 24.79 foot SL at two furlongs, which was a 1.25 foot longer than the average for the day. He’s been throwing in bullets in the morning and will likely jump out there and get good position. Monk’s Creek has an even-par Group 2 profile at BARMAR for his 1/8 mile work—and his 26-foot SL was not only one of the longest of the sale, but 1.7 feet longer than the average. Though he hasn’t thrown bullets in the morning, he’s capable of quickening at any time but may want a little more distance and like Khan of Khans is worth both a gimmick play and serious straight consideration.

Charles Town, , Maiden Special Weight, 4½ Furlongs (Dirt)

This may be our first venture at this track, but the odds look good. There are three first timers here, all of which came out of OBSAPR, two of which look worthy of serious money. Makin Mo’ Money had a solid five-over-Par Group 1 BreezeFigs profile at that sale at 1/8 of a mile, with a SL that was just about average, 23 feet, and he was sold for 32k. Bet Like Pee Wee had an even-par Group 2 profile at the same distance but a much longer SL—24.16 feet, well over a foot longer than average on the day he breezed, but he only brought 6k when the hammer dropped. Still, both look like solid gimmick plays at the very least, and you should watch the board to see if the straight play is worthy. I’m Not a Baby came out of the same sale with a weak four-under-Par Group 4 profile and a very short 21.29 SL, but if it’s sloppy and he gets off fast, he could churn up some ground and stick around for a piece, but the other two are better bets.