Updated on 09/18/2011 2:30AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, Nov. 11


There are more than 20 maiden 2-year-old races around the country that have BreezeFigs plays in them today, but two of them are unusual for the number for first-time starters who come into their debuts with high BreezeFigs. Be sure you check our explanations of stride lengths, RNA and SCR in our supporting documents on the site ( ).

Aqueduct, , Maiden Special, New York-Breds, 6 Furlongs

The ones that have started don't look like great shakes, but the four firsters that come out of 2-year-old sales are really interesting. The horse to play on top is Phone Home, who earned the top BreezeFig of the day at OBSFEB, a Group 1 eight-over-Par 73, with a SL of 25.75 feet, very long for that early in the year sale at 1/8 of a mile. The other Group I horses are Axel Rhodes with a 24 foot plus SL at the EASMAY sale (half a foot longer than average), and Chief for a Day with a 10-over-Park 71 at the OBSAPR sale with a SL of 23.5 feet -- a foot longer than the average for the day. The Group 2 horse, Biohazzard, has a much shorter SL (under 23 feet) but he had a six-over-Par BreezeFig, which means he's pretty quick. These four look like solid gimmick plays.

Calder, , Maiden Special, 5 1/2 Furlongsa

Here's a get-even race to play on a card of stakes races. There are several Group I and Group 2 horses, and we like the probable favorite, Tricky Lak. He set the top BreezeFig of the day at OBSJUN -- 12-over-Par with a SL that was only a little above average, but he put it together in a great way. He was jostled in his debut and is a solid bet. What you won't see in the PP's is that Texas Billy Boy was scratched (SCR) out of the OBSAPR sale after earning a six-over-Par 66 with a 23.5 SL in his work, and he looks appetizing here. Big E has been unlucky in all three of his starts, but is capable of running back to his good three-over-Par BreezeFig at OBSMAR. Of the Group 2 horses, you should pay close attention to Mr. Guska (24ft SL) and Jim N Alice's Hope (23ft SL) as well. This is a wild race, but good value can be found in the gimmicks.