06/16/2017 10:10AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix for Saturday, June 17, 2017, by Bob Fierro & Jay Kilgore


Siggylongstockings, one of our Pix last week, apparently didn’t pull his socks up enough as he stumbled at the start and threw his rider. On the other hand, our lukewarm Pix for the 2-year-old race, Jungle Warfare and Armour Plate, for whom we recommended a gimmick play, finished third and fourth respectively to complete a $30 trifecta and $190 superfecta. Be thankful for small favors. While only one 2-year-old BreezeFigs maiden won last week, it happened at Santa Anita, where three BreezeFigs 3-year-old also broke their maidens.  Six more 3-year-old winners came at Arlington, Belmont, Delaware, Gulfstream, Mountaineer, and Presque Isle. Saturday's cards are filled with good opportunities, and we have one from each age bracket to recommend, see below. Good luck!