06/14/2007 11:00PM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, June 16th


Our Pix last week were scratched, but form for the current season’s 2-Y-O sales is really holding up with BreezeFigs horses having another strong week. Let's see if we can start another streak. Remember, keep stride length (SL) in mind when handicapping from the BreezeFigs sheet and take advantage of all the tips that we provide--you can get a good idea by clicking on BreezeFigs Information underneath the two BreezeFigs links in the DRF-PLUS box in the right hand column on the home page and downloading files there.

We have two 2-Y-O maiden races this week that look enticing. Good luck!

Churchill Downs, , Maiden Special, 5 Furlongs

There are two horses in here that showed a lot of class at the sales this year, and the standout appears to be Sok Sok. This colt earned the highest BreezeFig at the KEEAPR sale (76) with a SL of 25.2 feet. But he was not sold (RNA) on a final bid of 260k, which only BreezeFigs tells you. Bullet work last out, great connections, probably a short price. In addition, Luvandgo racked up two nice Group 2 BreezeFigs at two distances at OBSFEB, first sale of the season. His SL of 25.1 is definitely a strong factor here to hook him up with Sok Sok.

Philadelphia Park, , Maiden Special, 4½ Furlongs

Putting up two excellent breezes at OBSFEB where she earned Group 1 status both times, the appropriately named Philly Gal also looks to be a short price in her debut. She popped a 23.8 foot SL at 1/8 mile and came back a week later at 1/4 mile with a 24-foot SL. She, too, was an RNA (75k) so you might get a little juice here by using that info that only BreezeFigs can give you. Pounce.