06/09/2006 12:00AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, June 10th


Well, we were a day early and dollar short last week--our 3-y-o drop-down pick, My Star Bucks, was scratched out of the race at Hollywood on Saturday but came back and won in the same condition on Sunday to pay $10.20. Our 2-y-o pick, Trip to the Bank, was hardly that, and seems to be running into monster firsters. Let him write his own ticket from now on. Here are two similar plays for Belmont Stakes Day, one 3-y-o and one 2-y-o (see new format for 2-y-o race ).

Belmont Park, , Maiden Special, 6 1/2 Furlongs

Though listed as sold as a yearling, Revisionandverse was in two 2-y-o sales last year. He was a Group 3, three under par at FTFFEB at one furlong (OK for that sale), and was scratched. He came back at EASMAY four months later to work 3/8 in one over Par--good enough for a Group 2 BreezeFig, but failed to meet his reserve (RNA). We would not jump off a bridge for him, but look for some improvement off his first start and give him a shot in the gimmicks.

Calder Race Course, , Maiden Special, 5 Furlongs

The favorites should be the two horses with a start each but we like Ningbo, a horse with a sneaky good one-over-Par Group 2 BreezeFig at the OBSFEB sale, which was held at Calder. He had a stride length of almost 25 feet at one furlong, which is excellent. His sire tends to get big horses, however, and if he is bigger than the rest of the field, that stride length might be somewhat deceptive. But if he's average or small sized, he could be something. He is certainly worth a look in either case.

Good luck!