01/30/2009 12:00AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, January 31st


Our Pick last week, La Rocca, really disappointed us with a desultory effort in her debut, but she should benefit from the experience and we live another day to handicap again with a BreezeFigs card loaded with maiden races-21 of them at 14 racetracks across the country. And it looks like the weather might not get in the way in most places. This gives you plenty of opportunity to pick your spots-like we do below in our Pick of the week so sign up for DRF-Plus and get the card on the front page of .

Remember, there s a new look to our sheets for the sales of 2008 we have added SURFACE as a new category to tell you whether the horse breezed on a dirt (D) or synthetic (S) track. There are four (S) sales this year OBSFEB, OBSMAR, OBSAPR and KEEAPR; and three D sales FTFFEB, BARMAR and EASMAY. Just to add some more insight to your handicapping.

Also, our rules still hold about BreezeFigs qualified runners: You can get a good idea of what qualified BreezeFigs horses are by clicking on BreezeFigs Information underneath the two BreezeFigs links in the DRF PLUS box in the right hand column on the home page and downloading files there. Remember, keep stride length (SL) in mind when handicapping from the BreezeFigs sheet and take advantage of all the tips that we provide on those sheets as well.

Also, refer to a study we did which shows that using BreezeFigs for 3-year-old maiden races in just as viable as using them for 2-year-old maiden races. Go to the DRF PLUS box on the .

If you d like to learn a little more about how we come up with BreezeFigs, take a look at our new website by clicking here: .

Here's one good opportunity on the card featuring first-timers to take a stab at-good luck!

Laurel Park, , Maiden Special Weight, 5 Furlongs(Dirt)

Three runners here come out of EASMAY where they all had very good BreezeFigs profiles, including Yano, whose first start was good enough to probably make him favorite. He was second in that debut and showed that his Group 1 profile, with a one-foot-above average SL, was pretty much on target. The other two make their debuts, headed by Group 1 graduate Super Chunky, whose 23+ foot SL wasn't all that terrific but his speed was excellent and he has been tooling right along in his morning trials. Both he and Yano chalked up five-over-Par profiles at 1/8 of a mile at the sale. But, even though he was a Group 2 horse, Five Star Era looks like the gimmick key here based on his 25-foot SL, which was over 1.5 feet longer than average when he breezed a quarter-mile at the sale. These three look solid any which way you choose to use them-watch the board as usual, and good luck!