08/24/2007 12:00AM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, August 25th


We gave you two parts of the Tri at Monmouth last week (Dagger and My Heavenly Star) and though he was left at the gate, our Saratoga Pick, Cool Coal Man, managed to fill out the Tri at Saratoga. During the week, there were 11 other races across the country in which two or more “qualified” BreezeFigs horses filled out the Tri, including 1-2-3 sweep at Delaware on Sunday. Lesson: Always consider “qualified” BreezeFigs horses in your gimmick plays.

You can get a good idea of what “qualified” BreezeFigs horses are by clicking on BreezeFigs Information underneath the two BreezeFigs links in the DRF-PLUS box in the right hand column on the home page and downloading files there. Remember, keep stride length (SL) in mind when handicapping from the BreezeFigs sheet and take advantage of all the tips that we provide on those sheets as well.

This week there are a ton of races for you to consider on the Saturday BreezeFigs card, but because we are gluttons for punishment, we are going to focus on the most impossible race of the day:

Del Mar, , Maiden Special, 5 ½ Furlongs

Eight of the 10 entries come out of BreezeFigs sales, and all of them have a shot. Three of them don’t show up in the PP’s as having gone through these sales—they were RNAs (not sold). They are Chanjo (120k), Coastal Eddy (47k) and Guns on the Table (110k). Coastal Eddy has the best overall BreezeFig profile—a six-over-Par Group 2 fig achieved with a very impressive 24.36-ft SL, but this was at the less competitive OBSAPR sale. He merits strong consideration, as does Chanjo, whose almost 26-ft SL at BARMAR is an eye-opener, even for a sale known for long SLs—but he’s a Point Given and may need more distance. Guns on the Table has run in a key race already and did OK (the winner was one of our Pix that day), and he had a very good 25+-ft SL at BARMAR.

Premium Quality and Success Fee come out of KEEAPR, where the breezes were on Polytrack. The former had a much shorter SL but he’s fast; the latter might need a little more ground, but he’s playable as well. Off the BreezeFigs, Red Door Drive looks the better of the other two BARMAR graduates—but the other one, Gone Grand, ran very well to place second to another BreezeFigs horse in his last out and may be in the hunt again. Finally, Evil Lightning comes out of the OBSMAR sale with a very solid 24-ft SL and good BreezeFig and is eminently playable.

So, who do we like? We can’t throw up our hands here, but if we were live and in person we would key the hot horse on the board with Coastal Eddy, Guns on the Table, and Red Door Drive. If one of them is the hot horse, throw in Premium Quality.