08/10/2006 11:00PM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, August 12


There were 19 (yes, 19) BreezeFigs-qualified 2-y-o winners from last Saturday through Thursday--17 in maiden races and two in stakes--at Saratoga (5 of the last six run, including three in one day), Del Mar (4), Woodbine (2), Monmouth (2, the only races of the week), Arlington, Calder, Colonial, Ellis, Fort Erie and Santa Rosa. BreezeFigs horses completed 9 exactas and 4 trifectas as well.

This Saturday, there are 17 races at 11 tracks you can make money on betting BreezeFigs-qualified horses, including two outlined below. (Make sure you have read the "new features" backgrounder available which talks about stride lengths and RNAs.)

Calder, , Maiden Special, 5 Furlongs

On a card that is overrun by 2-y-o races with lots of BreezeFigs horses, let's look at this race where most people will back Suave Royalty or Crazy Cousin because they have run had several starts. Why not look for value and try the first timer- Money Dance? This filly breezed 2 furlongs at OBSAPR where she earned a Group 1 11 over-Par BreezeFig of 72, a huge number at any sale but particularly high for OBSAPR. She did it with a Stride Length of over 24 feet, and it doesn't show in the PP's that she was an RNA. The last bid on her was only 17k, so it will pay to look her over in the paddock, but she is fast.

Del Mar, , Maiden Special, 6 1/2 Furlongs

Again, let's go with a first timer over the ones with experience. Hoist the Sail came out of the classy BARMAR sale with Group 1 BreezeFig of 70 with a 24 1/2 foot stride length. Not only is that a good number but the recent six furlong bullet work is nice to see. Might be value here.