04/10/2008 11:00PM

BreezeFigs Quick-Pix, Saturday, April 12th


We’re going to rest on our laurels for a week here, having let the cat out of the bag with Recapturetheglory last week in the Illinois Derby. We have no Pix for the Blue Grass or Arkansas Derby because the form in each race is well established by horses that came out of last year’s 2-year-old sales, most of which lived up the their BreezeFigs profiles very early in their careers—i.e., Cool Coal Man, Kentucky Bear, Big Truck, Halo Najib and Visionaire at Keeneland, and Victory Pete, King’s Silver Son, Isabull, Liberty Bull and Indian Sun at Hot Springs.

Meanwhile, there were more than a dozen BreezeFigs “qualified” winners this past week around the country, including several that paid double digits, and there will be plenty more opportunities now that more racetracks are swinging into gear.

In addition, 2-year-old racing is beginning to start, and it would pay to look through the year of the sale to pick these out until we get our new card design up. For example, on Friday’s card, the first race at Santa Anita has a first-timer, Ravin Maniac, who was a 35k RNA at OBSFEB 08, and she might be worth a shot if you get this in time—she was a Group 1 with a bit of a short stride but this is only a quarter mile race and she might do it.

Remember, our rules still hold about BreezeFigs "qualified" runners: You can get a good idea of what “qualified” BreezeFigs horses are by clicking on BreezeFigs Information underneath the two BreezeFigs links in the DRF-PLUS box in the right hand column on the DRF.com home page and downloading files there. Remember, keep stride length (SL) in mind when handicapping from the BreezeFigs sheet and take advantage of all the tips that we provide on those sheets as well.

Also, refer to a study we did which shows that using BreezeFigs for 3-year-old maiden races in just as viable as using them for 2-year-old maiden races. .

If you'd like to learn a little more about how we come up with BreezeFigs, take a look at our new website, .

There are a couple of intriguing maiden races on today’s card with firsters that are worth your consideration. Good luck!

Laurel Park, , Maiden Special Weight, 5½ Furlongs (Turf)

This could come off the turf, which might be OK either way with Smokin Heart, who earned one of the highest BreezeFigs at EASMAY last year (eight over Par, Group 1) without busting the clock—he went 10.4 for 1/8 mile with a 25.25 foot SL, more than a foot longer than average that day. He brought very little money at the sale, and has been brought along very slowly, which generally means problems here and there, but he’s worth a look and a little knock in the gimmicks at the very least.

Santa Anita, , Maiden Special Weight, 6½ furlongs (Synthetic)

It’s getting dangerous trying to handicap these races at Santa Anita, but Phantom Wildcat will likely take a lot of money in his debut, and well he might based on his BreezeFigs profile. He was one of the highest-rated colts at last year’s BARMAR sale—nine over Par, Group 1, 26 foot SL, about a foot longer than average. He is bred for speed, cost 500k, and has been working steadily. You might want to hook him up with Lucius Antonius, who threw in a fair effort while rank in his debut, which was on the turf. He breezed OK at KEEAPR last year with a one-under-Par Group 3 BreezeFigs profile, but he did it with a 25.41 foot SL, a monster foot over average for that sale. He was scratched before entering the ring, which indicates he may have had a problem, and that makes the breeze all the more interesting. No one knows but you that he was in a 2-y-o sale. That effort was on Polytrack, which he gets here, and even though there are differences in the surfaces, he might like the return. Shihaab also came out of that sale but showed little and hasn’t excited us much to date.