10/17/2007 11:00PM

Breeding activity in decline

EmailThe number of active stallions and broodmares in North America decreased in 2007, according to statistics released Thursday by the Jockey Club. But stallions in Kentucky were more active than they were a year ago, and Kentucky also accounted for most of the stallions who covered 100 mares or more last year.

The Jockey Club report is based on Reports of Mares Bred received from the 2007 breeding season. The Jockey Club estimates that it has received about 90 percent of expected reports.

The reports so far reveal an 8 percent decline in the number of active stallions, which dropped to 2,808 from 3,053 at this point last year. In 2007, those 2,808 stallions had collectively covered 56,796 mares, 4 percent fewer than last year.

Kentucky had 333 active stallions this year who covered 21,724 mares, or 38 percent of all mares reported bred in North America. That is a 3-percent increase from the 21,172 mares reported at this time last season. The other top five states by mares bred were Florida with 6,376, California with 4,447, Louisiana with 3,780, and New York with 1,967. The number of mares covered declined in Florida, California, and New York but increased in Louisiana.

The number of stallions covering 100 or more mares dipped by one, from 126 to 125. Most of those - 102 - stood in Kentucky.