05/24/2012 2:50PM

Breeders' Cup: Twenty-two candidates compete for 16 spots on board of Members


Twenty-two candidates have been placed on the ballot for election for 16 open seats on the Breeders’ Cup board of Members, according to the organization.

Nine of the 22 candidates are seeking re-election as Members, a 39-person body that elects the organization’s 13-member board of directors. Those candidates are: Jack Brothers, Doug Cauthen, Lucy Young Hamilton, Clem Murphy, Maria Niarchos-Gouaze, Bill Oppenheim, Don Robinson, Charlotte Weber, and Barry Weisbord.

The new candidates are John Adger, Craig Bandoroff, Barbara Banke, George Bolton, Lincoln Collins, George Isaacs, Andreas Jacobs, W. Bruce Lunsford, Michael J. McMahon, J. David Richardson, Mike Rogers, W. Elliott Walden, and David Wildenstein.

Voting is conducted by stallion and foal nominators to the Breeders’ Cup, on a proportional basis. Voting will open on June 4.