10/17/2012 3:37PM

Breeders' Cup: Repole, citing juvenile Lasix ban, won't send any horses to Santa Anita

Tom Keyser
Stay Thirsty will make his final start in the Grade 1 Cigar Mile at Aqueduct on Nov. 24.

No Lasix, no Mike Repole-owned horses for this year’s Breeders’ Cup.

Repole, who could have had as many as six starters for next month’s Breeders’ Cup races – including Stay Thirsty for the $5 million Classic – said Wednesday that he will not send any horses to California for this year’s event at Santa Anita. Stay Thirsty will make his final career start in the Grade 1 Cigar Mile at Aqueduct on Nov. 24.

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Repole said one of the main reasons he is not sending horses to the Breeders’ Cup is because Lasix will not be permitted for use in the five 2-year-old races. Four of the horses Repole was considering running in the Breeders’ Cup – Overanalyze, Micromanage, Coconut Shrimp, and Notacatbutallama – are 2-year-olds.

Overanalyze, winner of the Grade 2 Futurity, will start next in either the Iroquois at Churchill or the Nashua at Aqueduct. Micromanage will run in the Remsen at Aqueduct on Nov. 24. Coconut Shrimp and Notacatbutallama will run in overnight stakes at Belmont on Oct. 28.

“I’m a pro-Lasix person,” Repole said. “It’s the one drug that can prevent a horse from bleeding and help a horse. I’ve spoken to a lot of veterinarians and a lot of trainers who have given me enough information to make me feel Lasix is a drug that horses need. For them to experiment on one of America’s biggest racing days and stages makes no sense. It’s kind of par for the course.”

Repole said that forcing the 2-year-olds to race without Lasix is not only unfair to the horses, but to the betting public as well.

“Definitely, it’s not fair to the fan,” Repole said. “You’re going to be handicapping five 2-year-old races with horses that 99 percent ran on Lasix their whole careers, and now you’re asking them to run without it. They’re going to be impossible races to handicap, impossible races to bet. You might as well go by somebody’s name or number.”

In the case of Stay Thirsty, who comes off a strong second-place finish in the Jockey Club Gold Cup, Repole said he is concerned about the lack of success horses shipping west from New York have had over the years in the Breeders’ Cup.

“It’s been proven when horses go from east to west – I’m not sure why, I wish I had the answer – they don’t seem to run too well,” Repole said. “Even before there was Poly out there, when you fly east to west the horses don’t travel well.”

For the 2008 and 2009 Breeders’ Cups, Santa Anita’s main track was a synthetic surface. It has since been switched to dirt.

Repole said that Caixa Eletronica, who would have had to have been supplemented to either the Dirt Mile or Sprint, will run in the Grade 3, $150,000 Bold Ruler at Belmont on Oct. 27.

Repole also said that he takes issue with the Breeders’ Cup officials who have decided not to bring the event to Belmont Park, which last hosted the event in 2005. The Breeders’ Cup will be held at Santa Anita this year and next, making it four times in six years that track will have hosted the event.

“That Belmont hasn’t had the Breeders’ Cup in almost 10 years to me is a travesty,” Repole said.

Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
PeterG More than 1 year ago
I couldn't care less what this guy does with his horses. Lasix should be banned in the US just like it is every where else.
specialist2395 More than 1 year ago
Why dont we move the Derby, Preakness, Belmont, and any other giant race to California just incase they are run in "bad weather". I cant stand Santa Anita from its pompus GM to its moronic surface. I hope this BC is an unmitigated disaster.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
DrSmoke120 More than 1 year ago
Donuts, vitamin water, pirates booty - all the same, junk. Somehow the rest of the world survives without Lasix. Somehow Frankel ran the socks off anybody without it and so did most of the greats in American racing. The only thing I agree with Repole on is the fact that the BC has been away from Belmont for so long. Belmont is a great venue for championship racing. other than that I am glad he and his vets are staying home.
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
he should stick to what made his fortune,,DONUTS
Big Jeff More than 1 year ago
Wrong guy.
Charles Sakach More than 1 year ago
Does anyone beside me remember the days when: No lasix for 2-yr-olds period! This was uniform (at least for thoroughbreds) across the US and Canada. No race day medication whatsoever in New York! Typically horses would run back 7-10 days (unless you were Oscar Barerra...sometimes 2 or 3 days would suit him). The old handicapping books only referred to "recency" as a race within 14 days. You could see this in the past performances reproduced in the older books. Beyer has a point in his article regarding degradation of the breed...
DrSmoke120 More than 1 year ago
I remember reading that at one time bleeders weren't allowed to race period.
Jerry Ray More than 1 year ago
Rapole Rapole you need to get out of this game.Horses shouldn't be made to run (on drugs).It is not fair to the animals.You are such a cry baby
Marcus George More than 1 year ago
Lasix is a type of diuretic for a horse. Many times when equine atheletes run they rupture blood vessels in their lungs which can cause the lungs to hold blood. If you've ever had water in your lungs you know how uncomfortable that is and the horse can potentially die from it. By taking this diuretic you can reduce the bleeding that occurs and potentially save a horses life. Anyone who doesn't use lasiks should get out of the game because they care more about "looking clean" than the lives and happiness of their horses. Lasixs aren't a performance enhancer only a diuretic used to prevent ruptured blood vessels.
Glenn Thompson More than 1 year ago
From what I understand, The tracks that host the Breeders Cup lose money. I know it sounds crazy but I hear it is not a good proposition for the host track. The Breeders Cup takes over all the seats including owner and trainer boxes and takes in all the money. I think for some tracks, even though it is a great honor, it might not be worth the trouble. You might also want to consider that I am very sure that a lot of the tracks and Belmont might be one of them, might NOT have chosen to race in 2013 without the lasix. I feel that Monmouth Park was going to agree to do it and was disappointed that they didn't get it but I dont think many tracks were on board to go lasix free. Lasix free for 2yos and lasix free across the board are two completely different ballgames!! I feel that they might want to complete the trial I reccomended below before they pull that trigger. If they do go lasix free in 2013 then they should go completely drug free for the day. I feel very strongly that the prerace medications that we give the horses in the days leading up to the race have a great deal to do with them bleeding. I had a vet tell me once that he remembers that when they changed the bute rule from 48 out to 24 hours out, the percentage of horses that he scoped, that bled went up 75%. I had a surgery this past winter and one of the biggest things that the doctor stressed was not to take any NSAIDS within a week of the surgery due to the risk of bleeding. The brilliant people in charge of making up the rules allow us to give NSAIDS the day before the race and then scratch their collective heads and wonder why we have a bleeding problem!!
Valeri More than 1 year ago
great post, exactly what I have observed
Glenn Thompson More than 1 year ago
Thanks Valeri!! Did you get a chance to take a look at my book at www.sportofkingsnovel.com? I think you will find it very interesting!
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
RAPOLE thinks the average fan doesnt understand what lasix is and what it does .and they always bring up the vets opinion as if it was an unbiased statement of fact,of course no one mentions how much money is involved in the medicating of racehorses ive heard as much as 700 per month in vet bills per horse in some cases.from what ive read lasix as a diuretic causes the kidney to excrete sodium to the urine as sodium atracts water this causes water from the blood vessels to go to the urine also ,less liquid in the blood vessels less pressure less pressure less bleeding.but the other side of the equasion is less liquid less evidence of dopping,for example a horse loses up to 15 pounds after a lasix injection all that in liquid through it urine.so lets say the withdrawl time for a performance enhancing drug is 14 days.if given 2 weeks out it should linger in the system until to race day ,so it might show up in a drug test now you give the horse race day lasix and he loses 15 pounds in liquids and any remenants of the drugs that are in his system.now as for the say 20 % of horses who are bleeders and really need the stuff theres no reason why they cant be treated pre race day.say a week out that would eliminate the exess liquid in their blood vessels enough that unless its a cronic bleeder that could possibly bleed through lasix anyway it should be allright,and these worst case bleeders probably should not be on the track.this of course is just my opinion and nothing more.i just think that its wrong to start 2 yo horses on medication that they dont necessarely need .just an opinion.
Glenn Thompson More than 1 year ago
I have been training for over thirty years and also have recently written the book " The Tradition of Cheating in the Sport of Kings" I have come up with a plan that will solve a lot of the questions we have about Bleeding and Lasix. Have 10 tracks across the country put up two lasix free races per day. These races will have enhanced purses or a nice bonus for the trainer so we get strong participation. Cover all catigories, 2yos, 3yos, and older, long, short, dirt, turf, poly, colts and geldings and fillies and mares. Have races where no drugs are allowed in the systems at all and also have races where the prerace drugs, bute, banamine and the cortico steroids are allowed but no lasix. Every horse after each of these races is scoped and careful records are kept. In 3 months we will have a 10 to 12 thousand horse experiment and will know exactly where we stand concerning the bleeding. We will not be counting on some small experiment that was done in South Africa many years ago. We are racing in America and the experiment needs to be done here and cannot be done on a treadmill!! I hope all the trainers in the Breeders Cup agree to have all the two year olds scoped after the race and we can go ahead and get this trial started! GET IT DONE!!!