06/09/2014 9:11PM

Breeders' Cup elects 23 members


Twenty-three individuals have been elected to the slate of representatives that ultimately selects the board members of the Breeders’ Cup, the organization said Monday.

Twenty of the individuals were elected to one-year terms as Breeders’ Cup members, and three were elected to two-year terms. There are 39 members in the organization, which will vote in elections this July for six seats on the Breeders’ Cup board.

The 20 individuals elected to one-year terms were Antony R. Beck, Craig Bernick, Carter Carnegie, Bill Casner, Hernan Ceriani Cernadas, Case Clay, William S. Farish Jr., Bobby Flay, H. Greg Goodman, Fred W. Hertich III, Roy Jackson, Bret Jones, Michael T. Levy, Tom Ludt, Anthony Manganaro, Garret O’Rourke, Dan Pride, Tom Ryan, Bradley Weisbord, and David S. Willmot. The three individuals elected to two-year terms were Thomas Gaines, Dale Romans, and William J. Shively.

Eleven of those elected to member seats were incumbents.

Voting for the individuals began June 2, with 35 candidates on the ballots.