02/28/2017 3:51PM

Breeders' Cup to cap Del Mar event at 37,500 each day


Breeders’ Cup will limit ticket sales to 37,500 attendees for each day of the two-day event this year on Nov. 3-4 at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club near San Diego, the company announced on Tuesday.

Breeders’ Cup made the announcement on Tuesday from Del Mar in advance of ticket sales opening to the general public on March 6. With a cap of 37,500 each day, total attendance for the two days will be the lowest for any Breeders’ Cup since the event expanded to two days in 2007, but Breeders’ Cup officials said that the cap will ensure that the event runs smoothly for all those fortunate enough to get in the door.

This is the second time in the past three years that Breeders’ Cup has capped attendance at its event. Ticket sales were also limited in 2015 at Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington for designated seating areas, but because Breeders’ Cup also sold tickets to attendees in tailgate areas and other locations where fans could not enter the track, attendance for the event was reported as 44,947 for the Friday card and 50,155 for the Saturday card.

Craig Fravel, Breeders’ Cup’s president, said at the press event on Tuesday that Breeders’ Cup began offering tickets to “long-time patrons” in a special offer on Tuesday morning, and that demand for the tickets was robust.

“We’re well on our way to doing what we said we were going to do when we came to Del Mar, which is sell it out quickly,” Fravel said.

Breeders’ Cup and Del Mar also announced that the two organizations plan to spend $4.5 million on “updating the facility” for the event, including the creation of a chalet village and an infield area called “The Beach” that will feature sand floors and casual seating. The temporary seating plans will add 2,700 seats to the track, the officials said, including 900 new box seats.

Fravel said that like the Keeneland event, all parking will be pre-sold for the Del Mar event, and Breeders’ Cup plans to provide shuttles from local hotels for approximately 10,000 ticketholders. Though there were complaints from many fans prior to the Keeneland event about the lack of parking at the track, Breeders’ Cup and the city of Lexington received high praise after the event for a coordinated traffic plan that quickly ushered people in and out of the track.

“Planning is going to be a very important thing,” Fravel said.

The mayors of both San Diego and La Jolla were at the press event on Tuesday, and both said they looked forward to working with Breeders’ Cup on planning for its event.

CreatingCapital 7 months ago
Del Mar will prove to be an experience like no other!  The ambiance, the close proximity of hotels,  the ease of getting around the San Diego area.  Then there is the fact that no racetrack knows how to throw a party like Del Mar does.  None are even close.   It will truly be a fist class event!
Frank 7 months ago
Del Mar is a joke -- They might as well run the BC @ Yonkers -- almost same size track.

I hope this is the last BC we ever see at that dog track...The need to turn that oval into a Go-Go cart circuit....

I definitely wont be betting much in this year's BC -- I hope the total handle is really hurt bad by making this huge mistake to run these great races at a track (oval) like that.
Sara Garcia 7 months ago

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Pat Lyons 7 months ago
I'm never in favor of limitations ... our #SportOfKings needs new blood thank goodness #Arrogate showed the flaws that #californiachrome has ... #HorseOfTheYear 4sure now & #allTimeMoneyWinner #asWell ... #worldFamousPatLyons baby #lent #GodIsGood 
Sara Garcia 7 months ago

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Sara Garcia 7 months ago

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David Najar 7 months ago
Come to Las Vegas on Breeders Cup Day's and enjoy the great racing. All Station Casino Properties have upgraded all their TV's to the highest quality TV's that can be bought. Make your room reservations early for a great weekend of racing and all the other amenities and great food that only Las Vegas can offer.
Chas 7 months ago
37,500 Cap! Del Mar couldn't handle wagering with a 20,000 attendance on Pacific Classic last yr....
Also, the prices have been jacked up at Del Mar to make up for the lower attendance....Del Mar will not be the place to be if you like watching and wagering on the horses - it will be a congested zoo...
converse_58 7 months ago
Chas, were you actually at the Pacific Classic last year?  I was there and the lines were shorter than they had been in the past 5-6 years for Pacific Classic day.  There was no problem with betting.
Frank 7 months ago
That because no one bets at this dump of a track --- I'd rather bet harness racing @ Yonkers raceway 
gallopingtom 7 months ago
2007 was the first 2 day event.