09/19/2013 4:21PM

Breeders' Cup: Arabian race to be featured on Nov. 1 card


The Friday card of the two-day Breeders’ Cup event Nov. 1-2 at Santa Anita will include a Breeders’ Cup-affiliated race for purebred Arabians, the organization announced Thursday in conjunction with the Emirates Equestrian Federation.

The race, to be called the President of the UAE Cup, is likely to be the first race on a Breeders’ Cup card for horses other than Thoroughbreds. The Friday card is expected to include five Breeders’ Cup races plus undercard races, including the race for Arabians, while the Saturday card will include nine Breeders’ Cup races, plus undercard events.

In a release, Breeders’ Cup said the Arabian race likely will be a component of future Breeders’ Cup events as part of a “long-term business partnership” between the organization and the Emirates Equestrian Federation, which is based in the United Arab Emirates and supervises equestrian activities in the country.

Some of the most prominent racehorse and stallion owners in the world are from countries in the Middle East. The Breeders’ Cup’s revenue depends in part on fees raised from stallion and racehorse owners, and it has focused its efforts over the past five years on increasing international participation in the event.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I actually am loving this. I recommend that no one prejudges beforehand, and watch and wager on the race. I enjoy all racing, but Arabian racing is my favorite. Nowadays it seems the most honest kind of racing..... Anyways, I can't wait to watch it.
Susan Byrd More than 1 year ago
Let's go back to the old format of moving the races around the country instead of staying on the west coast all the time. Sure, the weather may be nice but the time is crap. And it sure favors the horses that don't have to ship. There's nothing wrong with Arabs racing. How about camel racing??
Horse Cents More than 1 year ago
The United Arab Emirates have a very large and prominent arse to kiss. I understand that Arabians are a fine and cherished animal, but in true international partnership, how about a donkey race for those fine American Colorado boys.
Chuck Seddio More than 1 year ago
r u kidding me,bad enough they are running diluted races on fri but an arabian race?? lets go back to the old format.i hate the friday races but an arabian race?? next they will run a breeders cup claiming crown race,or even better how about a breeders cup maiden race?? please will somebody tell those in charge that enough is enough.