11/04/2005 12:00AM

Breeders' Cup alters board makeup


The board of directors of the Breeders' Cup approved a structural change Friday that will ultimately reduce the number of board members from 48 to 13.

Under the change, the 48 current members of the board will become trustees of the organization and be responsible for electing 13 members to the board of directors, according to Jim Gluckson, a spokesman for Breeders' Cup. The 13-member board will oversee all activities of Breeders' Cup, Gluckson said.

The 48 members of the board of trustees will continue to be elected through a voting system that awards more votes to those that contribute more to Breeders' Cup in foal and stallion nomination fees, Gluckson said. The trustees' roles, however, will now be limited to electing the board.

The election process for the trustees will begin this month, with the new board will likely be in place by January.