11/12/2002 12:00AM

Boosler cancels symposium date


LEXINGTON, Ky. - Comedian Elayne Boosler has backed out of her scheduled appearance at the University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program's Symposium on Racing in December because she is opposed to greyhound racing.

The university program offers courses of study in the parimutuel industry, including greyhound racing. Boosler canceled the booking last week.

According to a statement issued by the Humane Society of the United States, Boosler said she has "some concerns about horse racing," but decided to cancel when she discovered that the symposium is open to members of the greyhound racing establishment.

The statement also quoted Humane Society spokesman Wayne Pacelle, who said, "There are certainly problems with horse racing. We don't believe that practices such as racing 2-year-olds or the pervasive use of drugs that can mask injuries are in the best interest of the horses. And we know that some Thoroughbreds end up in slaughterhouses, with the meat sold to foreign markets."

The Humane Society described its opposition to greyhound racing as "strong."