04/01/2015 3:47PM

Bonomo named chairman of NYRA Reorganization Board


Anthony Bonomo has been named the new chairman of the New York Racing Association’s Reorganization Board, a spokesman for the company confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

Bonomo replaces Dr. David Skorton, who resigned his position effective Jan. 1. Later this year, Skorton will take over as head of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

“Governor [Andrew] Cuomo has appointed Anthony Bonomo to serve as the Chairman of the NYRA Reorganization Board,” John Durso, NYRA spokesman, wrote in a text message. “Mr. Bonomo’s appointment will be addressed at the April 22 NYRA Reorganization Board meeting in New York City.”

Sources also confirmed to Daily Racing Form that NYRA will continue to run under state control for another year through October 2016. In 2013, the state took over control of NYRA, and Cuomo appointed a new board charged with developing a plan to be voted on by October that would return NYRA to private control.

The state took over control of NYRA after previous management was found to have inadvertently overcharged the takeout rate on certain exotic wagers.

Bonomo, a horse owner who runs under the name Brooklyn Boyz Stables, was appointed to NYRA’s Reorganization Board in 2013 by Cuomo.

Bonomo, a graduate of St. John’s University, is president of Administrators for the Professions Inc., the insurance company management organization that operates, among others, Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers, a medical professional liability insurer.

Bonomo has been a proponent of NYRA re-entering the New York City market with a version of an off-track betting system. NYC OTB closed in December 2010. Last August, Bonomo said NYRA had discussions with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about it, though nothing has come to fruition.

NYRA has not held a board meeting in 2015. Two meetings scheduled for March were canceled.

At board meetings held last year, both Skorton and NYRA President and CEO Chris Kay said NYRA would have a reorganization plan ready to present to the state by April 17 so the governor and legislature would have six months to review it before deciding under what model NYRA would operate moving forward.

It is unclear if NYRA has such a plan ready to present and if or when the state would review it.

Mitchell Ross More than 1 year ago
What they should do is the right thing an reopened ny orb open branches and restaurants like they use to have that closed in 2010 and hire all the people that the governor put out of work which was a money making machine and let to hate city run it hiring the right people
LUCA More than 1 year ago
Kay/Panza came up with a solution to the housing problem! They decided to hurt the excercise riders and assistant trainers by denying access to the dormitories. These guys are beautiful. They figure they can save a dozen capacity numbers by kicking these poor men and women out of their living quarters . Please somebody help us!!
LUCA More than 1 year ago
We are less then 30 days away from the Panza/Kay "Death Blow". This is where these two men ignore safety and logic to line their own pockets with Big Bonuses. By forcing Aqueduct to close for morning training next month these two men will save NYRA thousands of dollars which in turn will ensure them a nice payday. On the the flip side, the well being of our Caretakers, Horses and Riders will be severely compromised. Our Caretakers will be forced to live in overcrowded dorms to compensate for the lack of housing not available at Aqueduct. This overcrowding causes safety and health concerns which Kay/Panza are sweeping under the rug. Our leaders should be providing better living conditions not worse for our stable hands. We should be looking to help these people up not push them down. As for the horses and riders, if Kay or Panza had spent 15 minutes on the morning backside at Belmont they would recognize how crowded and con jested the tracks are already. This heavy morning traffic will be even more dangerous when the two year olds start arriving in the next few weeks along with the Aqueduct Horses. Nothing is more dangerous then a loose horse running the wrong way on a traffic jammed racetrack. The only hope we have is our new Chairman Anthony Bonomo. Hopefully he can crush this "Death Blow" before it comes to fruition. And maybe he can even get rid of these two men and replace them with HORSEMEN that are familiar with the operations from top to bottom. Horsemen that are interested in the well being of the Horses and Caretakers and not the bottom line of their own pockets.
Charles Buckley More than 1 year ago
The NYRA's Chairman and CEO are in office because the previous Chairman and CEO both resigned. The new CEO was not able to put together a reorganization plan and so the company remains communized and run by the state for another year.. Maybe Bonomo will look for a new CEO.
mikey More than 1 year ago
Another payback by the GOV.Stop with all the fat cats and put a real horse guy or gal in that spot.He will be a puppet of the GOV and do what he is told to do.
apajax6 More than 1 year ago
Anthony Bonomo is every bit a "real horse guy," regardless of his political affiliations.
william More than 1 year ago
I'm sure everyone will be in line for some more 6 figure bonuses