11/09/2017 1:46PM

Big A contest berth can be had for $60


Are you suffering from a Breeders’ Cup hangover? How about a little bit of the hair of the dog that bit you this weekend on DRF Tournaments?

This weekend’s featured contest is a Grade 1 qualifier for the World Championship of Handicapping, a $1 million, no-takeout contest that will take place online early next year. Saturday’s event costs $580 to play and one in 10 entries will advance to the finals. Many players just go ahead and buy their entries for $580 but entries can also be won for lower amounts. Contestants often look to feed into the Grade 1’s for $95 in Round 1 contests. One in seven entries goes forward. Players looking to get involved at a lower cost can also feed into the Round 1’s for as little as $11.

On Sunday, the last-chance qualifier for the Aqueduct Challenge takes center stage on DRFT. It costs just $60 and one in 10 wins their $500 entry fee to the Aqueduct contest on Nov. 18. This contest uses the all-in format where all contest picks must be in before the scheduled post time of the first contest event. The Aqueduct contest provides a great chance for players new to live-bankroll contests to cut their teeth without too much exposure.

There is an array of other contest options as well, including winner-take-alls, credit-builders, and matchups. Matchups are a great option for newer players because as the name suggests, all you have to do is beat one other player. They can provide a day’s action for a small cost and are a great learning experience.

For more information, including a full list of all the games happening for this weekend, go to tournaments.drf.com.