08/27/2013 5:14PM

Beyer Figure for Pacific Classic revised


The Beyer Speed Figure for Game on Dude’s runaway victory in the Pacific Classic has been revised upward to 113.

Game on Dude’s published time for the 1 1/4-mile event was 2:00.69, a slow performance which, if taken at face value, would have produced an implausibly low speed figure for the fastest horse in America this season.  The Trakus timing system at Del Mar cast doubt on the “official” time by recording a final time of 1:59.26.

Randy Moss, a member of the Beyer Speed Figure team and the creator of the Moss Pace Figures did a frame-by-frame analysis comparing Sunday’s Pacific Classic with the 2012 race.  He concluded that Game on Dude ran 0.20 seconds slower than Dullahan did last year, making his final time 1:59.74 seconds.  That time is the basis for Game on Dude’s figure of 113.