01/04/2008 12:00AM

Betting on Big A expands


The New York State Racing and Wagering Board on Friday approved the New York Racing Association's contracts with the betting arms of HRTV and TVG, allowing customers of those wagering platforms to begin betting on Aqueduct.

The board approved TVG's application to televise the Aqueduct races, but declined to allow HRTV to show them. The board did not specify why it would not allow HRTV to broadcast the races, though it said that HRTV could reapply, and the network did indeed file a new application Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and early Friday, HRTV showed the races, though it could not take any wagers on them.

The board gave approval for Xpressbet.com and Twinspires.com, two advance-deposit wagering sites affiliated with HRTV and the TrackNet Media Group, to take bets on races from Aqueduct. It declined to allow Xpressbet.com, Twinspires.com, and several other TrackNet affiliates to stream Aqueduct's races over the Internet.

TVG was scheduled to begin taking bets and showing Aqueduct's races on Saturday. TVG, which previously had exclusive rights to NYRA's races, had not been able to show or take wagering on Aqueduct's races since Tuesday, the start of the new year.