06/12/2012 5:08PM

Belmont Stakes television rating up 12 percent


The final rating for the race portion of the Belmont Stakes broadcast on NBC on Saturday was a 4.8 with an 11 share, according to the network. The rating was up 12 percent compared to a 4.3 rating for the race portion of last year’s broadcast, and the share this year was up 10 percent compared to last year’s broadcast.

The race portion of the broadcast had a “viewership” figure of 7.67 million, according to NBC, the highest total for a Belmont broadcast when a Triple Crown was not at stake since 2005, when the viewership figure was 7.71 million. Last year, the viewership figure was 6.84 million, and in 2010, when the Belmont was broadcast on ABC, the figure was 4.74 million.

The 4.8 rating was the highest for the race portion of a non-Triple Crown Belmont Stakes since 2005, the network said. Each rating point translates to approximately one million households. Share is the percentage of televisions in use at the time that are tuned to a specific broadcast.

All three races of the Triple Crown this year were broadcast on NBC. The network said that the average viewership for each race was 10.34 million viewers, up 2 percent over last year’s average. 

John Flynn More than 1 year ago
Most of the vewers - tuned in for IHA. Most Folks did not know he was scratched. I did not watch the show. IHA was the Best and set the bar very high. The broadcast team need adjusting. Jim McKay & Charlsie Cantey were the Best. Gary Stevens messes up Alot. He was a great jockey - only. Randy Moss has no personality.
t More than 1 year ago
How old and bitter are you?
Kip Moench More than 1 year ago
I rate them (NYRA) at Zero. Why does the NYRA refuse to send their live feeds from NY tracks to 4njbets? Anyone know?
W.G. More than 1 year ago
Given the ratings for this year's Belmont Stakes were solid given the circumstances, you have to wonder if for 2013, NBC first works with the NHL to assure the Stanley Cup Finals are at no earlier than Game 4 when the Belmont Stakes is contested and if they are guaranteed a game that night, then work with NYRA to move the Belmont Stakes telecast back by 30 minutes, running from 5:30-7:45 PM ET so it can be a direct lead-in to most likely Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals that night. That to me could be a win-win for all parties involved since you likely get a good deal of crossover between both events if that were the case. Even if Belmont Stakes post time were moved back to 7:05 PM or so to accommodate a later telecast, NYRA can still have two races after the Belmont Stakes, the first with a post time around 7:50 PM or so and the second around 8:20-8:25 PM or so (sunset is not until around 8:35-8:40 so a race can be run at Belmont that late in June, and it would be no different than what has been done many times in October when the last race at Belmont has been after 6:00 PM and run in near-darkness.
Robin Dawson More than 1 year ago
This space confirms everything : nada ! And that , in a nutshell, tells you about our sport. During the Belmont build up and TC hysteria there was a pulse.....now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............
t More than 1 year ago
I got ripped to shreds on the comment section here for stating IHA scratch wouldn't affect ratings/handle that much. IHAs scratch had impact don't get me wrong but no where near the end of the horse racing world attitude everyone was having last Friday
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
I don't know who does the Buyerz for NBC but I ask you. Was that not the biggest waste of 'airtime' ever? The last forty yards of each of the races saved their butts. Would you, yourself buy advertising time from NBC next year? Again, bush league at best.
t More than 1 year ago
not hard to sell advertising for 7.5 million even if they are just tuned in for 15 mintues or so,, The commercial break from after the race to the winners circle segment probably makes a pretty dime