06/08/2012 6:36PM

Belmont Stakes 2012: Dullahan 9-5 favorite in early betting


ELMONT, N.Y. - With the scratch of I’ll Have Another from Saturday’s 144th Belmont Stakes, Dullahan has inherited the favorite’s role after the early wagering at Belmont Park.

With $115,869 in the win pool - counting only money bet at Belmont, Aqueduct or through NYRA Rewards - Dullahan was a slight 9-5 favorite over Union Rags (2-1).

The complete odds:

1 Street Life  8-1

2 Unstoppable U 14-1

3 Union Rags 2-1

4 Atigun 34-1

5 Dullahan 9-5

6 Ravelo’s Boy 36-1

7 Five Sixteen 18-1

8. Guyana Star Dweej 31-1

9 Paynter 7-1

10 Optimizer 23-1


12 My Adonis 23-1


James Prothro More than 1 year ago
The day of Upsets!!!Optimizer to the Front!
Joe Greble More than 1 year ago
Play all here and concentrate on the 3 prior races and try an hit a monster score with the .50 pick 4...... This one's not eating, that one looks great, yea I know your a trainer. Bet who you like people not what some know it all on these chats says. It looks wide open to me and has the potential to pay huge numbers!!!!
Joe Greble More than 1 year ago
P. S. I threw out Went the Day Well in the Preakness also. FOR HANDICAPPING reasons, I never bet a horse who 'passes' dead horse in a final quarter of 27 and change seconds. WTDW was super over bet and had no real chance in the Preakness, not because he didn't finish his 'tub'.....
Michael Dominici More than 1 year ago
This race looks like Paynter's. Same combo as Bode, but nothing's going to chase him down. Dullahan looks promising as does Street Life for the gimmicks with Union Rags maybe getting the dribs and drabs...Alpha looks promising if he doesn't try to win this...maybe third or better if things fall apart.
Michael Dominici More than 1 year ago
Sorry, didn't see that Alpha wasn't in this...
George Mayo More than 1 year ago
Well handicappers, trainers and owners plus all the jockeys, it has been nice interacting": this past week and reading your comments, Everyone has a case to be made of your your opinions and thats what makes us Americans unque. It has ben good for me to interract with fellow horse players, ya have blessed my soul, where i live have no horse players to interrct with, its called 8 and three zero clicks away. God Bless AMERICA. Good luck to all of you today in your Belmont picks.
Scott More than 1 year ago
union rags. he always finds a way to get in trouble. some horses are like that and never get away from it, but if he cant beat this field at this distance, put him in the optional claiming ranks
Kalar Walters More than 1 year ago
#11 ;''(
Douglas Rutherford More than 1 year ago
STREET LIFE : will not even be a factor in the Belmont Stakes : The connections to this young trainer knows it as well - but its the Belmont Stakes .
Jim More than 1 year ago
Watch out...He's got some Grindstone in him.
Douglas Rutherford More than 1 year ago
Its not that - in why I made my comment ! TRUST ME : this colt will not be a factor what-so-ever . If Brown would be honestly correct - he ought to mention that STREET LIFE has been missing his morning feed more than normal , and with leaving feedin your tub , normally shows PURE DULLNESS race time . Same thing happen to WENT THE DAY WELL leading up to the Preakness - which I had stated many times - but everyone has their right for reply comments , and I was this and that - which is ok by me . At least in the End - they were scratching their heads like What - Happen . I really hated to see that happen to W T D W : because I absolutely love all thoroughbreds ......................... ATIGUN has a waybetter chance than STREET LIFE .
John Carnevale More than 1 year ago
how do u know he is off his feed? or are you scaring everyone off him so u can bet him?
Douglas Rutherford More than 1 year ago
Same thing was happening to I H A during the last 48 hours . But people re so THIRSTY for a Triple Crown - they would Drink the Sand , with-out knowing the differance .
Michael Dominici More than 1 year ago
bingo. he's also the most dramatically improving horse in this field. it's his for him to steal at a price.
MGropenSDREADER More than 1 year ago
DULL (ahan)
Rob Beaudoin More than 1 year ago
Morning Line in NY is terrible, Paynter 7/2? That is a joke, I bet Union Rags and Dullahan both go off at 5/2 ish with Paynter 6/1 or more. What has he done??
Booby More than 1 year ago
Starting to realize how little IHA has beaten, aren't you?
Kalar Walters More than 1 year ago
Bodemeister was a nag? Come on!