06/09/2012 7:07PM

Belmont Stakes 2012: Complete order of finish


144th Belmont Stakes order of finish

1. Union Rags

2. Paynter

3. Atigun

4. Street Life

5. Five Sixteen

6. Unstoppable U

7. Dullahan

8. My Adonis

9. Ravelo’s Boy

10. Optimizer

11. Guyana Star Dweej

chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Is Bodemeister back in training? Can't find a thing in worktabs or trackside reports...
Sharon Gima More than 1 year ago
To me, a race is when you line the participants up and let them run a specified distance to determine the winner. You do not put obstacles in front of them nor give them different conditions. Blaming jockeys or jockeys blaming themselves for letting another horse through to run the race should not be a part of the plan. Perhaps making horses stay in their lanes would provide a truer test of speed than the cavalry charges accept. Oh well, next year we get to do this all over again!
Melissa Cavanaugh More than 1 year ago
Jockey strategy is part of horse-racing. Some of the greatest wins and upsets have been testaments to jockey strategy over the ability of the animals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I expected more from Optimizer. I know he looked bad in the last two but I figured they wouldn't enter him here if he was really that bad. I was wrong. I expected more from the trainer and owner. I guess they were looking for good seats.
Sy More than 1 year ago
Union Rags didn't run any faster than in other races. In a painfully slow Belmont he managed a perfect rail skimming trip. By my calculations IHA would have negotiated the 11/2 miles in 2:27. He would have beaten this field by about 15 Lengths. With that aside the Matz people are really a credit to the game. Good for them.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
I am glad this is over. The race ended for me with the freaky withdrawal of IHA. This entire NY fiasco was a side show from the get go. Frankly, I wish they would move the Belmont Stakes to Santa Anita.
daveb More than 1 year ago
In the circle of BlueBloods of Thoroughbred racing; who has more sentimental respect; Wyeth or Reddam ? The allegations of doping and mistreatment by the press and thoroughbred racing jurisdictions, concerning IHA's trainer forced Reddam to cancel . The BlueBloods don't like bad press for THEIR sport. The Dutrow guy found that out with Big Brown. If KD didn't stiff that horse, then call it simply fate .
Melissa Cavanaugh More than 1 year ago
You have been downrated because you're an idiot. You can't move the Belmont Stakes to Santa Anita because it would cease to be the Belmont Stakes. I can't stand people with no genuine connection to racing tradition. If it was over for you when I'll Have Another was scratched, then you should be off golfing or something. Save your ignorance for other fools who won't know any better than to argue with you.
billy More than 1 year ago
paynter's jockey just gave union rags the victory, even stevie wonder could see if jockey, m. smith had moved closer to the rail, & made union rags go around, paynter would have won, & atigun 2nd, union rags 3rd, it's like christmas in june.
Douglas Rutherford More than 1 year ago
2012 BELMONT STAKES ( W I N N E R ) UNION RAGS " No Comment " Anyone can start on the Roller Coaster ride now - reguarding all the Excuses about the race . The Good Thing Is : UNION RAGS just became the 1 1/2 CHAMPION in the 3 yr old Div ! Case Closed !
Team Hansen More than 1 year ago
Correct me if I am wrong, do they actually have a category where they crown a champion for a three year old winning a mile and a half race?
Melissa Cavanaugh More than 1 year ago
Of course not, but I gotta admire the enthusiasm of Douglas' post. :-)
Team Hansen More than 1 year ago
Enthusiasm? Or confusion? You're the one with the with the post above to "save your ignorance for other fools". Douglas' rant is pretty ignorant on several levels.
Mark More than 1 year ago
Only way he was going to hit the board was if he jumped the inner rail and ran into it...
Mike Bilinskas More than 1 year ago
Bad field, bad time but im sure somehow Union Rags will get a 100+ Beyer when he deserves closer to a 70
Susie Cartwright More than 1 year ago
Paynter set the pace, it was slow because M Smith was saving him for the stretch. Rags was trapped when he got through he won. Oh, and Paynter came out because he was tiring. Ca't you be happy for the horse? When they come home well it's a good day for me!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why are we picking on Optimizer w hen the favorite Dullahan was a no show. Rags was the class and he showed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edward Kelly More than 1 year ago
Actually, the race time and pace suggest that this race was devoid of high class dirt distance horses. At best this amounted to a Grade 3 race with these running lines. Paynter looks like a runner at 9f or less. I'll give UR the same but neither one ran a Grade 1 distance race today.
Greg Biddle More than 1 year ago
Time only matters when your doing it!
Bob Fritz More than 1 year ago
The time made me sad to think what IHA would have done if he were healthy. He would have eaten this field for lunch.
Michael Hunsicker More than 1 year ago
Do you really think if IHA were in the race Paynter gets those slow of fractions? Lets be real when IHA scratched there was NO SPEED left, the fractions were exactly what they should have been with a race void of any real speed. Many supposed horse players on here keep missing this obvious point.
Jay Winston More than 1 year ago
Paynter's blood line is all about distance. His dosage profile confirms that. On the other hand, Dullahan's blood line shows an affinity for shorter races and his DP is 4.4. That's not good.
Melissa Cavanaugh More than 1 year ago
Bloodline is one thing, but if you compare this to his run at the Derby, he was closing hard at the end of that race, and I'm pretty sure he would have passed IHA if the Derby had gone another quarter. There is no objective reason that Dullahan couldn't have taken this race. But the fact is, horses have off days. And this was a really off day for Dullahan. For some reason, he just didn't show up. Union Rags had a terrific ride and earned his win after having his fair share of off days.. Can't argue that. I'm proud of Paynter, though, mainly because I called him for 2nd place. ;-p