05/13/2013 5:04PM

Belmont Park: Vyjack may try turf

Barbara D. Livingston
Vyjack’s owner said all options are open for the horse – including the Belmont Stakes.

ELMONT, N.Y. - Vyjack, the Grade 3 Gotham Stakes winner and 18th-place finisher in the Kentucky Derby, was withdrawn from consideration from Saturday’s Preakness Stakes for a summer campaign that could include the turf, owner David Wilkenfeld said.

Wilkenfeld said that Vyjack lost some weight out of the Derby, which is why he and trainer Rudy Rodriguez opted to skip the Preakness.

Wilkenfeld said all options are open for Vyjack – including the Belmont Stakes – but he also indicated that he would like to try the gelding on the grass at some point.

“I think he’s a nice horse. If we do right by him, he’ll do right by us,” Wilkenfeld said. “I do very much want to try him on the turf. They last longer if they run on the turf.”

Melvin Krohn More than 1 year ago
He has distance limitations. His Tomlinson number was 230 for the Derby. Into Mischief, his sire , is also Goldencents sire and his distance number for the derby was 171.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Honestly, do you know what a Tomlinson number is? Tomlinson, whomever he/she/it is, gave a number. WHY do you TRUST any of this? Anonymus here knows better... I say it's NOT 230, rather it's 244. Just kidding. What? The future Los Alamitos loser/ winner Goldenstiff has a 171 rating? Disagree. My meticulous everything says 174. Take this wisdom to the bank...then rob it. Have an outrageous day!
philcoforde More than 1 year ago
Did Gomez even sit on this BEAST before the Derby ? I know he was sharp in the pp and maybe that work 2 days out made him sharper, but that was a brutal ride by GoGo. I LOVE THIS HORSE and that was a huge letdown. Hope for better whenever and wherever the resurfaces.
Raymond Hackinson More than 1 year ago
Rudy could not duplicate the 'success' of his mentor, Richard Dutrow, from the 20 hole at Churchill, so now its back to the drawing board turf or otherwise. At least Vyjack won't suffer the ignominy of pulling up in the Preakness or Belmont like Big Brown.
Ceil Rock More than 1 year ago
Big Brown was special. Can't compare Vyjack to him. Also, distance limitations.
jttf More than 1 year ago
he should have a better chance without any cameras on him.
steve milgats More than 1 year ago
Best of luck David.....we are rooting for you. GC will carry the Into mischief breeding in the Preakness
RockaFelter21 More than 1 year ago
TheRaiderFan More than 1 year ago
I thought Vyjack was still out there trying to finish the Derby?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He's screaming for a mile. Someone needs to talk Wilkenfeld out of the Belmont right quick. Vyjack's a nice one but he isn't a Classic distance horse, let alone 12f.
Scott More than 1 year ago
I agree that Vyjack needs shorter distances, but have to point out that too much is made of the 12F's in the Belmont. The 10F's of the Derby is WAY tougher! The Belmont often runs with fewer than 10 horses and the early fractions are usually a walk for these horses. If you have any doubts, then look to last year's winner: Union Rags. Out of Dixie Union, there was little chance he would have made the 10F distance of the Derby even with a good trip and even seemed a little gassed in a 9F race prior to the Derby (Florida Derby), yet had plenty left in the easy run of the Belmont. All that said, Vyjack is definitely a horse that should either switch to turf where the longer distances are all run at a walk early or leave him at a mile on the dirt.
Lenny Mamola More than 1 year ago
Something definitely went wrong with this horse...he reads like a xlnt coming 3 year old..Check him out head to toe and give him time.................
mike turfmonstr More than 1 year ago
To you younger handicappers who don't seem to know better, Vyjack is bred to turf top and bottom....Halo and Hail To Reason on top, not to mention Exclusive Native, Icecapade and Neartic....forget the tomlinsens folks, no wonder people don't like betting turf.......They haven't a clue.....I wrote on another thread a day or two ago I would love to see Vyjack on turf.....now you know why.......smart move.
ddwage62 More than 1 year ago
on the bottom, yes, but definitely not bred to turf on top.. just bc he has a few turf names on top certainly does not mean he is absolutely bred to turf. Have you even been watching the into mischiefs run. theyre not running on the grass.. cmon "oldtimer get in the game
mike turfmonstr More than 1 year ago
you just keep thinking butch it's what you're good at......I make a living doing this kind of stuff, can you say the same? I know what works on turf at what doesn't.......what's your sampling of Into Mischief's on turf? Are you saying Halo, Hail To Reason and Excliusive Native aren't turf?......I'm not the one who needs to get in the game. Considering the guy who won the million dollar handicapping challenge in vegas two years ago emails me to ask about turf horses I would suggest you listen instead of being contrary.........I know of what I speak.....
mike turfmonstr More than 1 year ago
OK.....since this "old Man" does his homework and you don't apparently just how many Into Mischief's have run on turf to date in the U.S.? there must be a ton of them since you say he's a bust on turf........I'll save you the trouble, there's been 6 and all of them were basically nags they tried turf with to see if they'd ever be better than a riding horse. So you're basing your assumption on 6 runners......When all the hoopla dies down and more folks try turf with Into Mischief's I believe you'll see a change in those statistics........Considering Into Mischief himself ran exclusively on two different types of poly and well I'd say he himself would have turfed...... saying a horse who has Halo and Hail To Reason on top has no turf breeding is just mistaken........
ddwage62 More than 1 year ago
Bernardini has Hail to reason in his breeding also does that mean all his progeny are bred on top to turf too. come on guy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know where you get that Halo is a turf sire. From Sunday Silence, Jolie's Halo, Devils Bag to Strodes Creek Halo's top class performers have almost exclusively been dirt horses.
Ceil Rock More than 1 year ago
But Sunday Silence was a monster success in Japan - with turf runners.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't say Sunday Silence wasn't a good turf sire. I said Halo wasn't.
mike turfmonstr More than 1 year ago
I hope you read this....look this isn't school and I'm not your teacher......look it up. I'll give you a hint......More Than Ready.....by Southern halo by?????you guessed it Halo. I wonder if More Than Ready's run on turf??? OK>>>>SUNDAY SILENCE BY ?????HALO, Sunday Silences sons Hat Trick, Silent Name...just to name two have been throwing some excellent turf horses.......And who is their Grandpa?????come on...say it....HALO.....God Some folks will never win, listen and learn.....newbie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let me break it down for you, friend. Sunday Silence has thrown some decent turf runners and even some decent turf sires because he was bred to turf mares. If he had stayed in America and was bred to dirt mares I'm sure he would have been a decent dirt sire too. I'll give you another example-Secretariat. Great horse on both surfaces. But he was a much better dirt sire although he occasionally threw a superior turfer when bred with turf mares i.e. Super Staff. ( dam by Pharly.)
mike turfmonstr More than 1 year ago
Goodness...let me add the best Sunday silence son throwing turf runners...Deep Impact, though I doubt you've heard of him.......all come from the Halo.....hail To reason line.....get with the program. Turf mares? that's what you've got?.......so basically you're saying it's the mare that gives a horse the ability to dirt or turf.......perhaps you should look at all the beautifully bred turf mares Bernardini has covered......where are they winning on turf? As far as Secretariat goes he was bred to turf or dirt. He was a so so sire, but an excellent dam sire who was known for being a better dam sire on turf, not dirt. Again I repeat it's no wonder I get such good prices on turf horses....no one gets it. Just keep paying attention to those tomlinsens......the poor house won't be far behind..... Turf racing is what I do.....telling me what is right or wrong wouldn't be prudent. My partner and i have done the research, spent untold hours at this, we know what works, why and in what specific situations it works best......tell it to someone who doesn't know better.
Black More than 1 year ago
Hi mike. You are correct Vyjack should like turf .
Brian More than 1 year ago
There goes my 12-1 Preakness backup pick 4. Orb has Goldencents and Itsmyluckyday to beat......se ya June 8th !
Nicholas Heaven More than 1 year ago
That's my pick too Brian. Itsmyluckyday for second and GC third.
Bob More than 1 year ago
Do not leave Will Take Charge out of the Tri. Smith trying to redeem all the bad talk he heard about his derby ride. Watch the master at work in the Preakness.