10/25/2012 8:08PM

Belmont Park: Single winning pick-six ticket takes down $305K


ELMONT, N.Y. - One bettor - presumably a fan of trainer Christophe Clement - hit Thursday’s pick six at Belmont Park for $305,335.  The wager was placed at a hub known as Bettor Racing.

There was a two-day carryover of $102,854 entering the day and an additional $355,305 was wagered into the pool on Thursday.

The winning sequence of 5-1-5-5-3-9 included Villanella ($10.20), Future Generation ($3.90), Avenging Spirit ($16.60), Mia Poppy ($18.60), Clear Pasaj ($8.10), and Normandy ($8.80).

Villanella, Future Generation, and Normandy are all trained by Clement, who had just four winners from 46 starters at the meet entering Thursday’s card.

Future Generation was most impressive winning the $80,000 Serena’s Cat Stakes by 5 3/4 lengths in her first start since she ran fourth in the Grade 2 Honey Fox at Gulfstream on March 18.

David Menditto More than 1 year ago
I had 5/6 and my ticket was a 128 total
PeterG More than 1 year ago
This guy should now retire from horse race handicapping. It's all downhill from here. Stop while you're on top. ha ha
Jim O'Neill More than 1 year ago
How much did the winning ticket cost? If you or anyone else knows, let us know.
Charley More than 1 year ago
Shocked only 1 winning ticket! No long shots really highest mutual was only$18.80.I seen days where $40 & $50 horses win and you wonder how someone had it? All those horses who won were playable don't figure? Yes it would be great to have $1 pick six,but the tracks don't do things for the handicappers who support them.
Scott More than 1 year ago
No question about it- $2 wager exists to create carryover and allow for a few wagerers to pass money around the table. If NYRA woke up they'd realize late pick four pools are 7 or 8 times pick 6 pools on none carryover days. Even yesterday with a two day carryover the bet drew 330,000 (less than a weekend late pick 4). Only a matter of time before .50 or 1.00 minimum (my preference) is put into place.
Rob Smoke More than 1 year ago
Congrats to whoever hit that frikkin' sumbitch; $2 price point isdesigned to create carryovers -- seen as a big lure by race track officials. That's really the problem -- race track management without a clue as to how they might make their product an actual draw, instead of relying on the carryover come-on.
Steve S More than 1 year ago
I think there are enough multirace wagers to play for $1, 50c or even 10c...I like the $2 format and it'd turn me right off if they went to the wimpy 10c concept like Gulfstream or Arlington.
ML-NJ More than 1 year ago
So how long is it going to take for this guy's 305K to filter through the machines again? Racing would be much better off if 305 guys each won a grand, or 1000 guys won $305 each. The Pick-6, like so much that is promoted these days, is not good for racing.
jg777 More than 1 year ago
Don't like it don't play it! Simple as that. The Pick 6 is popular in New York and California. There are more than enough betting options for everyone. Quit whining.
JT_OnTheSide More than 1 year ago
This might be the dumbest thing ever written on these message boards.
ATOWN WHAT More than 1 year ago
It's not necessarily dumb, just horribly written. What ML-NJ should be asking for is to have the Pick-6 with 10 cent bets, or at least 50 cent bets.
Grazyna Mianska More than 1 year ago
He should take $10,000 of that and play the Pick 6 in the Breeders Cup. I hope he does and I hope he wins!
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Yo, Dude! Let this guy (or) Gal have their day. Happy Thursday people... What you might consider is a case of cold beer to the barn of each of your winners.
Chris Lowe More than 1 year ago
Mr. Clement & his help would be plastered with 3 cases!
Clinton Blake More than 1 year ago
y on earth would you think that?
Tekov Yahoser More than 1 year ago
I dunno, it took a while for my $48,000 hit on a $16 ticket back in '98! Until I hit another one in '04 for $20.000. Then there was that CD Superfecta I had 3 times at $9,000 a whack. Then that Superfecta where I stole the pot for $14,000 at Monmouth (before 10 cent supers). If you want a $300 hit, bet a $5 EBX with the outside numbers at PARX.
Rick More than 1 year ago
Barack? Is that you? Shouldn't you be campaigning? Take your redistribution of wealth theory somehwere else. The best advertisement the track can get is someone hitting a large payout. It increases business. Ever wonder why the casinos let the progressive slots build to millions and then publicize it when someone hits? Do yo even ganble? Have toagree with JT...dumbest thing written on these boards.
Elaine Parkinson More than 1 year ago
I concur... that WAS the dumbest thing I've ever read on ANY equine discussion board.