09/11/2013 6:08PM

Belmont Park: Pick six hit by one ticket for $423K


Despite the fact that the only winning favorite in the sequence was first-time starter My Place, one bettor managed to successfully navigate through Wednesday’s pick 6, and thus became the first to hit the super-exotic wager at Belmont’s fall meet, collecting a cool $423,424.

After going un-hit opening weekend, there was a double carryover of $137,011 into Wednesday’s card.

The winning numbers were 7-6-7-5-4-5-10 for the sextet of Summerdale ($56), Chasing Moonlight ($11.80), My Place ($7), Princess Adelyn ($21.80), Cheyenne Nation ($14.40) and Ale ($10.40).

Only four horses were covered heading into the eight-horse final leg, and they ran 1-2-3-4.

Andy Jacob More than 1 year ago
I played the pick six at Pimlico one ticket hit and won I hit 5 but didn't win a dime. Should I have won something any reply's greatly appreciated.
jon More than 1 year ago
Having 4 live combinations with 5/6 probables paying $20,000+ smells fishy. The carryover amount wasn't big enough to warrant big syndicate action anyways. These improbable payouts tend to happen at New York tracks. I'd like to know where the live tickets were purchased. Of course, there won't be an investigation and today is a new day. No oversight. Would it be too much to ask for an audit once in awhile?
heero99 More than 1 year ago
It was announced before the race that 1 ticket was alive to all four horses. Nyra would do well to reveal the composition of this ticket, to allay unfounded suspicions that their big pool security problems are still in play. Brilliant handicappers who were able to come up with the first 5 winners on 1 ticket shouldn't have needed 4 stabs to come up with Ale in the final leg. This is indeed fishy
Fabiola Asseo More than 1 year ago
do the nyra a favor and horse players a favor and do away with the pick six format instead put another pick 5 at the end of the card the pick 6 when there is a big pot the syndicates put thousands of dollars up because they know the odds are on their side and the regular bettor is out of his little bankroll for the whole week.
Chuck Berger More than 1 year ago
Years ago I know a group of players that put 42,000 into the pick six. They hit for about 1,400,000.00. Over the years they hit quite a few biggies. The average player might as well be playing the lottery. The odds are stacked against a 48.00 to 240.00 ticket winning when there are big carry overs. Do your due diligence and be satisfied with a profit for the day instead of making a "score."
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
Sometimes i feel lottery is better.that is why I play pick 4 I have the same amount of a chance as anybody especially if I can get a good price on single 4-1 to 8-1 then get a bomber to come in tickets pay well. I try to find fields where there won't be a favorite under even money. No wisedan, groupie doll tickets.
Patrick Vassell More than 1 year ago
Yes it could have been a Syndicate but 4 of those winners were must plays or logical at best if you did your homework, Mott firster was working great at Saratoga and look like they were trying to win first time out, Chasing Moonlight,CheyenneNation,Ale were must use, so the only other 2 were ALL races for sure, but looking back Kiran horse didn't have a workout past 3furs but playable with FTL and Saez
michaelcancilla More than 1 year ago
Thanks Dave for all your great stuff . Players want to know how much the winning ticket cost and where it was wagered.
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
CAUTION HAVE RESTRAINT PLEASE. THIS IS JUST AND OPINION NOT EVEN AND EDUCATED ONE. JUST TWO CENTS NO REASON FOR ANYBODY TO GET UPSET. I believe Pick six almost impossible to play alone and be profitable unless you are rich. I stick with . 50 pick 4. To play pick 6 alone and be profitable you need at least $ 2000. Unless wise Dan is at the track anybody playing anybody throwing 96 or 216 dollars at this is playing the lotto. Nobody is that good of handicapping some of those races your kids birthday is as good as the racing form. No offence DRF. I have played large pick six carryover. A lot of times payout don't seem that great for difficulty it takes to hit a pick 6. Now let the you are a troll, you are crazy, they should ban you, etc etc begin.
bill bart More than 1 year ago
Syndicates of guys pool large bucks together and cover just about all of the horses; ..... individuals don't have much of a (or ANY) shot.
rahman Williams More than 1 year ago
That's why I bet pick four. Trying to single two races and still have four more I can't do. Pick 4 allows me one single 3x5x5 .50 cent $37.50
tim blake More than 1 year ago
my guess would be the same people hit this pick 6 that hit most of the large ones at saratoga...and del mar. the same people that proft from all the questionable races/payouts. same ones that make sure there are carryovers in the first place. i think they have already driven away so many of the regular bettors that they have to steal all the big carryover pools and jackpot wagers to keep making the millions they have been funneling from the bettors since the tracks sold us out in favor of the ADWs and their rebates (or very low takeout to begin with). they are making a killng this year. and no one at NYRA or drf is saying a word. ask one of the leading jockeys and see if the can keep looking you in the eye.
Brian More than 1 year ago
Pick 7?
Penguin ymous More than 1 year ago
To kevin r Thanks for your input. But now you have piqued my interest. If I may be so nosy, how many participants in your players' pool? How do you find them? How do you delegate the decisions of which horses to pick? When do you decide to play? How do you decide how much to wager? I did some quick math, and this is certainly not how I suppose you wagered, but how difficult it still is to hit the pick six even with a players' pool. If you took "all" in the three maiden races, 11 X 10 X 9 , then that would leave a 3 X 3 X 2 for the other three races, which is not much coverage, for a total of 17,820 combinations for a ticket of $ 35,640 . Here's hoping you at least had 5- 10 consolation tickets of $2,075 each. Best of luck in the future and any insight you have to offer is much appreciated. Mahalo Ron Zuercher
HRoberish More than 1 year ago
It's time for NYRA to have a 10 cent pick six. More people will get in and isn't it ALL ABOUT THE HANDLE as far as NYRA should be concerned?? NYRA, no foresight. No wonder why their budget is so tight!!!