06/10/2012 2:37PM

Belmont: Giant Ryan awaits possible surgery in Pennsylvania

Tom Keyser
Trinniberg, winner of the Woody Stephens and stablemate of the injured Giant Ryan, will make his next start in the King's Bishop at Saratoga.

ELMONT, N.Y. -  Giant Ryan, who fractured both sesamoid bones in his left front leg during the running of Saturday’s True North Handicap at Belmont Park, remained at Belmont on Sunday while his connections and Dr. Dean Richardson at the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania discussed plans for possible surgery later this week.   

Shivnanda Parbhoo, the owner of Giant Ryan, said Richardson was still evaluating the X-rays and was hoping to have a more definite answer for him by late Sunday afternoon.  Giant Ryan was fitted with a cast immediately after the incident to protect the injury, which occurred just as the field was leaving the eighth pole of the six-furlong True North.

“One of our main concerns would be getting him from Belmont to the clinic safely,” said Parbhoo. “Right now he is standing pretty good, but just how long he’ll stand on a truck is the question. That’s one of the issues we’ll still have to discuss with Dr. Richardson.”

Parbhoo said Giant Ryan was the first horse he or his family have ever had break down on the track during the running of a race. The incident, obviously, put a damper on the entire day, which was only tempered slightly by the victory of Giant Ryan’s stablemate Trinniberg two races later in the Grade 2 Woody Stephens.

“What happened yesterday definitely changes your whole perspective on the game,” said Parbhoo. “You watch it happen to other owners and trainers, but when it happens to you it begins to make you see things differently. It made it hard for us to watch Trinniberg run. In fact, some members of the family turned away and couldn’t watch the race. Even for me, it was very scary watching Trinniberg go out there and set those fast fractions, wondering if the same thing could happen again. Even though Trinniberg won, it was bittersweet for all of us.”                    

Parbhoo said Trinniberg would be vanned back to his home base at Calder on Monday evening and be given two weeks off before returning to training later this month. His next goal is the Grade 1 King’s Bishop at Saratoga.


JoyJackson21 More than 1 year ago
My best wishes for Giant Ryan and his team. There have been many false rumors and racism and bad sportsmanship exhibited in the reaction toward GR's grave situation. I am praying for Giant Ryan and for his connections, and hope more sensible heads prevail among racing fans in this situation.
Heidi Kruckenberg More than 1 year ago
I thought Barbaro's injury was to his back leg? Ryan's was his front left, right? I'm waiting with baited breathe to hear any news on him. I will be watching and paying attention and hope that he makes it throw surgery then, rehab. Best of luck and Wishes, Ryan and his connections.
Gee More than 1 year ago
Gee More than 1 year ago
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Gee Haw or whatever your name is... I hope when the time comes that you are hurting for a member in your family, that you think back to your ugly racist remarks today. When you learn to read and write you might see that Ryan ran in Dubai at the end of March against the best in the world. You are not only a racist, you are a liar on top of it.
Gee More than 1 year ago
The dubai race was a feeble attempt by a feeble trainer, the horse didnt even trot let along run his race. I've won plenty on this horse in the past, have u heard about bounce?? it happens all the time to these horses that go to Shiekville. A prep race would have won the Belmont Sprint for this guy. These trainers in the US need to stay in the US.
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Gee, What are you, 12? Get over yourself. Do you know how many horses are injured like this in their stalls and paddocks ? Seriously. Calder is a very demanding surface, it's like running a horse on concrete at times. I'm willing to bet you've never even been to Belmont Park. The surface is deep and sandy but not hard. Example of demanding surface : Churchill Downs, 2011 Breeders cup Saturday..THAT was a demanding surface, unless you think running on a track with a quicksand like sucking surface is easy. I am sick to death of people blaming the trainers & jockeys because a horse takes a bad step for whatever reason. The people at PETA are just as uninformed and ridiculous as you are. Injuries like Giant Ryans are impossible to predict or prevent. S*** happens. Racing doesn't need people like you who know next to nothing about the sport, except " ohhhh look at all the pretty horses run". People who have been around racing know this type of injury is a risk every trainer, owner and rider take when they put a horse in the gate. Where exactly are you getting your information ? Seven month lay off ? Dude, he was in Dubai in late March. I've been out of school for quite some time, however I think my math skills are still strong enough to subtract. March deducted from June is 3 months. In reality it was only about 60 days since he did not arrive back in the US until early April.
Albert More than 1 year ago
A very sad outcome, but a very gallant horse...he was running a terrific race, given all the travel he put in recently. I have learned not to ignore this stable whenever they enter. I hope they do the right thing for this fellow.
Gee More than 1 year ago
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
To Gee the lying racist. Have someone read this to you. Ryan is the winner of six straight last year including the Grade1 Vosberg at Belmont when he beat the winner Caixa on Saturday. You are lower than a snakes' belly and you really should leave these people alone.
Chris Lowe More than 1 year ago
Hey troll! Turn off your caps lock. We get your points loud and clear.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey Gee, go back to reading the ny times and leave this web site alone. You apparently don't have a clue.
Kathy Harvey More than 1 year ago
gee you need a spelling lesson, band is used as an object such as rubber band, band of gold etc. you are trying to say banned, as in banned from something, however, you seem to know little more about thoroughbred racing as you do spelling, I will pray for you to gain knowledge about life and the world. All horse lovers are sad when horses break down, not mad.
marcferrell More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately this type of injury has a very poor prognosis. It is the same type Barbaro had. Even if they make it through surgery, the horse is unable to flex the ankle joint and makes it hard for the horse to move around a paddock which can result in all kinds of other issues. The horse has a long road ahead and I wish him and his connections the best!
Virginia Schultz More than 1 year ago
Was saddened by ryans injury but more so by lack of news coverage re his condition. In my opinion the health of this horse and his recovery far overshadows whoever won subsiquent races
Gee More than 1 year ago
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Good report from Mike Welsch - - - Ryan has made the trip to New Bolton Center and he said they will operate this afternoon... Keep them good vibes goin' people!
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Chad, since you seem to be in the know, I am wondering if New Bolton will give us updates on his progress like they did with Barbaro. Also, can you tell us how similar this injury is to Barbaro's ? I was under the assumption that Barbaro shatered his fetlock joint, not the sesamoids, although they were probably involved in the subsequant trauma. Is Giant Ryan's fetlock also shattered?
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Kim, New Bolton is a part of the University of Pennsylvania - Ryans' injury is to the foreleg where Barbaro was injured behind. Ryan broke both sesamoids which are "blocks" of bone between the cannon and fetlock bone (back and underside of the ankle). I have been checking the Inside Post here on DRF. On the hopeful side, recalling Ruffian getting hurt they did use the term shattered which I have not heard here myself. Also in '76 (?) New Bolton did not have the raft to support the horse as he/she comes out of the operation. The raft is exactly that - like a life raft but with "sockets" in the floor of the thing to accept the horses' legs and yes, it floats in a pool so that he does not have to stand and there is way less chance of the horse thrashing around and doing more damage. It's a simple thing to look at but an ingenious device, so much better than hanging the horse in a sling. The thing down the road is blood supply which oddly is not great low in the leg. Keep sending those prayers and good vibes.
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Chad, Yes, I know all about New Bolton, I actually had a colic case who was operated on there and got to see most of the facility. (im about halfway between New Bolton and the Marion DuPont Scott clinic in Leesburg Va. I followed Barbaro's progress there daily if not hourly. I know about the pool, raft and their ingenious trolley system their sling is attached to. Im very familiar with a horses physiology because I have had horses all my life. I know Barbaro's injury was behind, however the physical make up of the rear and front ankles are nearly identical with the same bones in each of the 4 legs. The biggest issue with sesamoid injuries is not the actual break, but the shredding of the soft tissue surrounding the bones. The ligaments or tendons ride over those tiny round bones and if there are sharp edges from a break, its like grinding a piece of beef into hamburger. When you click on the Widener link on the Penn Vet site, the picture is of the pool, raft, trolley system, and guess who is being lifted out of the pool ? Our much loved .Barbaro. I too remember Ruffian's breakdown and her ultimate death which resulted from her panic and confusion when she woke up from surgery. Ironically, Her sire and her dam both died after sustaining additional injuries after surgery to repair initial injuries (reviewer broke down 3 times before finally being retired and was well known for possesing fragile bones) I saw the xrays of Barbaro's injuries and it was described as a bag of crushed ice. I would be interested in seeing GR's xrays as well. This seems to me more like Global Hunters injuries then Barbaro's. I know this probably sounds cruel and might offend some people, but if the blood supply is interrupted to the injured area, they will save the horse a lot of pain and themselves a lot of heartache if they do right by the horse and put him down because that scenario is never, ever good.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Ah-ha, The real Kimberly arrives! Sadly, I share all your concerns but again that Ryan is in Doc Richardsons' hands tells me that the right call will be made.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Kim, I did not stiff you... I did reply not long after your question but I got that "moniter" thingy show up and I guess they pulled it? Try Univ of Penn, New Bolton and check 'Inside Post' here at DRF.com. Keep the good vibes coming. Chad
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Thanks Chad, My comments didnt show up right away either, but thanks for your responce. I already checked the PennVet website and found no information. I will keep checking and keep sending those positive vibes. It would destroy me if my horse was injured this badly, He helped me get through my son's death 2.5 yrs ago, In fact if it wasnt for him, I probably wouldnt have made it.. So I get where the owners are coming from.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Quick Q, You tied in with that Monkton Gang?
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Monkton gang ? Umm no, Im in Carroll county, out near Sykesville, but tell me more, sounds interesting and perhaps a little sinister. I have a 3 yr old black Arabian gelding in training for endurance. I think those people up in Sparks, Upperco, Monkton are more into hunting/eventing. That's the high rent district. I have been a horse racing fan since I was a child and my grandfather took me to meet Native Dancer at Sagamore, to Pimlico to see Secretariats Preakness and talked non stop about Dr Fager, Buckpasser and Kelso. Yep, he raised me right. Anyway, I sent an email to NB and asked them if they could confirm that GR has had surgery or if not, but they did not answer me, not surprised, I know they are very very busy, but If i hear anything I will pass it on.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
I just got done watching that clip you mentioned, just amazing what they can do... OK God, jump in and help them do more. Sinister, no but alittle rowdy at party time and more stories than can ever be repeated anywhere. I knew some of the Steeplechasers and I guess you'd call Burly C. the Patriarch... He trained Cochise and many other great horses I think for ole Ms Wanamaker his son Winky and Billy T were raised like brothers. Got to know some of them at Del Park when I was in the Starting Gate and Was in Barn D at Hialeah when Billy hustled a stall from Winky for the Big Horse. I'm still sick that Billy is not in that Hall of Fame. What a crowd that was and oh- the days! It's on my bucket list to get back for the Fair Hill Races - All winners there, or so you'd think. All with smiles-all day. I guess Rags has made a good case for long slow gallops up n down those hills. Little slice of Heaven there.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Surgery delayed until blood flow can be improved...
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Yep Chad just saw that, Apparently they are trying to restore the blood flow if they can, before they attempt surgery. This is understandable since if they can't restore the blood flow, sadly, the surgery is pointless. Yout dating yourself there Chad...lol
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Had to jam in here Kim... Well so far I guess Doc hasn't said no n I gotta take that as a positive. Ryan has made the trip and he's made it thru three nites n yadda-yadda, but I understand founder n hoof problems... We gotta leave it up to Doc and the Lord. Were you able to get to your horse in New Bolton? I'm thinkin' Old Man Parboo is standing by as close as he can... N he's even older than ME!
Kimberly Shugars More than 1 year ago
Chad, I was very young when my horse was ill, maybe 16, New Bolton was a fairly new facility at that time, but yes, they let me go back and see him once he was in recovery and upright. He lived another 10 yrs with no more colic issues. I got lucky. Thankfully, none of my other horses have had any serious health issues or hoof problems. The worst Ive had to deal with is a nasty case of rain rot. Don't worry Chad, Im old too, but i got to see ALL the great bands ! LOL
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
We called that Ocala crud and it would spread like a barn cough. A lot was passed along by dirty tack on one baby after another down there. Saw it in spots on the young ones but never a real bad case... combiotics and bleach usually got it.
Vanessa Nye More than 1 year ago
Hi my name is Vanessa Nye. I am an owner fofthoroughbreds. My stable is Voodoomon Racing. I run atTampa Bay downs and Arlington in Chicago. Unfortunately my beloved Voodoomon suffered a breakdown three years ago on the track and had to be put down. I felt so bad for your horse on saturday. I am good friends with Willie Martinex and his fiance Gigi. I have been keeping up through them on the condition of your horse. I would love to talk to you. I live in Tampa Florida. So happy you are helping him survive.
Tim Hurley More than 1 year ago
It was a pretty tough thing to see Saturday. I am sending love and hope this great horse gets well soon...