12/05/2007 12:00AM

Bartenders, servers on strike at Woodbine

EmailApproximately 180 unionized bartenders and servers at Woodbine, Mohawk Raceway, and the Greenwood Champions teletheater on Wednesday continued their strike that began at 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Jane Holmes, the vice president of corporate affairs for Woodbine, said Wednesday afternoon, "We presented them with another offer early this morning, and we're waiting to hear back from them."

The Canadian Auto Workers union is negotiating its first contract on behalf of the workers. Brian Stevens, national representative for the union, said contract language, wages, and benefits all were part of the negotiations.

Picket lines went up at Woodbine shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday.

There was to be live Thoroughbred racing on Wednesday evening, and Woodbine management staff was filling in for the strikers.