09/12/2003 12:00AM

Barretts to take online bids


California's Barretts sale company will accept bids via the Internet at two upcoming auctions.

Through an agreement with the Live Global Bid company, Barretts will take bids from online bidders at its fall mixed sale on Oct. 27-28 and at its winter mixed sale on Jan. 20-21, 2004. Both auctions will be broadcast live on the Internet from the Barretts sale pavilion in Pomona, Calif.

Internet bidders will be able to see the auctioneer and hear bidding in real time and can place their own bids through bidding technology similar to that already in use at auction houses in other industries, such as the art and antiques marketplace.

Live Global Bid - which is based in Saskatchewan, Canada, and has hired former Equine Spectrum chief Dan Kelliher as an American sales representative - has contracts in other markets, including with major automobile auctioneers Adesa, Manheim-Interactive, BSC America, and Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions.