09/09/2013 4:03PM

Barretts at Fairplex: Business opening weekend hurt by heat, competition

Shigeki Kikkawa
Martin Pedroza won with 12 of his first 26 mounts at the Barretts meet, including six on Sunday.

POMONA, Calif. – Increased competition in the simulcast market and a punishing local heat wave were key factors responsible for a significant decline in handle on opening weekend of the Los Angeles County Fair race meet.

Barretts at Fairplex handled only slightly more than $13 million the first three days of the meet, Friday through Sunday. It was a 13.7 percent drop from the corresponding period in 2012, when opening weekend handle exceeded $15 million.

“Two issues – one is Churchill Downs, and the other is the impact of Kentucky Downs,” fair president Jim Henwood said. “There is a lot more competition.”

A year ago, neither Churchill Downs nor Kentucky Downs raced during the first weekend of the L.A. County Fair. Early-season wagering at the fair in 2012 also was boosted from a triple carryover in the pick six from Sunday into Wednesday.

The current meet has not produced a pick six carryover. There was one winning ticket Friday and Saturday; 79 winning tickets were sold on the Sunday pick six, which paid $383.80.

The steepest decline this year has been on out-of-state betting, which includes account wagering. Handle in that category dropped about 26 percent opening weekend, from $6.8 million to $5 million. Ontrack handle declined 12.5 percent, from $1.4 million to $1.2 million.

The temperature exceeded 100 degrees Friday and Saturday, followed by a small respite Sunday when the temperature was 95.

Pedroza, Quinonez hot jocks

For jockeys Martin Pedroza and Alonso Quinonez, Barretts at Fairplex was a welcome change after a long summer at Del Mar. In just three days of racing at Barretts, Pedroza and Quinonez each exceeded his win total from the seven-week Del Mar meet.

Pedroza was as hot as the weather. He won with 12 of 26 mounts, including six wins Sunday. At Del Mar, Pedroza won 10 of 135. Meanwhile, Quinonez emerged as the surprise hot jockey opening weekend by winning five races from 16 mounts. At Del Mar, Quinonez won just two races from 74 mounts.

Larry More than 1 year ago
I don't care about the takeout percentage.I play tracks with 50cent Pick3's and Pick 4"s,and only sequences that fit my eye. Can get twice the coverage for 50 cents,and would rather get 1/2 the payout then none at all. Every winner is a good winner. Only play online with Twinspires(by far the best),and they offer 10-20% bonuses on Pick4"s at some tracks. Also have free Equibase PP's. Like them better than DRF because I can't see any Beyers,and therefor go back to handicapping the old way.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
It's a fun little meet. As anywhere else you have to pick your spots. Would I prefer a straight transition to SA? Probably. But this track has a long tradition, and for a few weeks out of the year it's a nice change of pace to see horses go around those tight turns. To Charles B. The fields in California aren't that short. See Del Mar meet as well as present Fairplex fields. And the odds add up to the same total percentage, so there is no inherent value in the greater or smaller size of a field. Personally, I love CA racing because imo it's the cleanest in the country. That means you won't get ripped off nearly as often. But don't take my word for it. Go play the Louisiana tracks. ;)
Frank Leverone More than 1 year ago
Why should I be interested in Barrett's Race Meet at Fairplex???
charles b More than 1 year ago
Betting the bullring entails knowing the nuances for picking the winner. Drawing an outside post sprinting is the kiss of death. Betting a speed horse from the inside with Pedroza guarantees a short price. Take a vacation and handicap a track without all the disadvantages. California racing with its short fields is not the way to go.
Mark More than 1 year ago
Maybe people have no desire to watch Martin Pedroza bring home odds-on favorite after odds-on favorite so many times everyday. I won't bet the races at Fairplex as long as Pedroza is riding because I don't like to bet odds-on favorites. If he got injured, the races at Fairplex would become far more attractive to wager on.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
You don't have to bet odds on favorite. Just bet place and or show. I had a few of really good paydays betting place. When everyone bets the favorite that leaves second and third place winners at higher prices. I enjoy betting Fairplex and other bull ring 5/8ths tracks. Made money doing so.
David More than 1 year ago
Name change that screwed up my data base, I will not bet one race this meet and maybe never ever bet another race at this track. If you make a name change, why do you have to screw around with the pretext FPX. This is not the first time and I refuse to fix my data base again. This group does not care or think about all the problems that this name change causes for people that use computer programs. Good luck I can do without your races.
zerosumzen More than 1 year ago
What program are you using? Normally speaking, a name change should be no problem.
soroka More than 1 year ago
I have not seen Fairplex/Barretts in any DRF. Once I buy a form that is it. Not gonna start getting program's or paying $3 online for the card, then printing and using almost half of a $10 cartridge. Let's see what the handle is if Fairplex made the PP's available for free to gamble on the product.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
I never pay for pps Trainers offer pps on some of the free pps websites. Also Doug O'Neil, Bob Baffert and others, Linda Rice, Todd Pletcher offer pps on their websites. Just look under entries/results and they are there. On Doug O'Neil's site just hit Brisnet a top of the entries page and voila. It is not easy and is time consuming but worth it. I cannot afford to buy pps for all of the tracks I bet on. so I make do.
Surasak More than 1 year ago
Well, I missed them all with the name changed and the entries wasn't on the online DRF at all. I kept looking and wondering what is going on. Finally, I saw some headline on the result. I do enjoy racing and looking at the post parade, but save a lot of money enjoying foot ball instead. At Calexpo there is no senior discount, parking cost $2.00, entrance fee is $4.00. racing form cost $6.50 -$8.50 program another couple of dollars, a lousy cup of coffee cost more than $2.00. They can have it.
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
If you have the facing form, you really could do without the program. As for coffee, well bring a thermos from home. You probably will have to leave it in your car and go out to have it during a race or two that you are not betting. You might want to have a snack in the car as well. While you enjoy your coffee - and, take some time to read your racing form and plan the next few races you intend to bet. A little break midway is nice. I would like to see Fairplex survive. You can still make money even with chalk winning. Play place and or show. I have cleaned up on some whopping priced place horses. Just try to find the value. On the bullring it is best to avoid the exotics. Fairplex and Charles Town are good betting tracks once you figure out who will be the high priced place and show horses
Mike B More than 1 year ago
several issues also part of rocky start--(1) name change--half horseplayers in the coutnry wonder who the heck is Barretts (2) why not run when others don't (even if it is Tues/Wed nights, also cooler in PM); the PR dept can't even get the biggest color stories of the meet right--like the apprentice with only 100 starts bringing almost all his longshots (even 60 to 1) on the board--Gonzalo Nicholas (long shots can attract the bettors, and neat human interest stories not about the same leading jockey for the past umpteen years also help.
John More than 1 year ago
CHRB isnt going to wake up untill the racing in California is dead ! The take out is insane ! When you get a exacta , for example a 4-1 shot with a 6-1 shot, paying the low $20, its time for us bettors to move on ! They have the audacity to drop the ParLay bets for the INSANE Quinella............and still take %22-%24.................................the death of California racing is imminent ! Say Good Night Gracie, say thank you CHRB !