05/04/2016 3:37PM

Barn 4 at Parx Racing out of quarantine after horses test negative; Barn 30 still locked down


All of the horses in Barn 4 at Parx Racing have tested negative for the equineherpesvirus and they have been cleared by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to resume training and racing, effective immediately, according to Sam Elliott, the track's director of racing.

Barns 4 and 30 at Parx have been quarantined since April 1. Trainers Michael Aro and Ron Dandy are stabled in Barn 30 and trainers Keith Nations and Ron Dandy are in Barn 4.

Six of the seven horses who have tested positive for the virus were housed in Barn 30. The lone horse to test positive for the virus in Barn 4 was Sunshine Wild, whom Reid claimed from Dandy on March 29, the day before the first horse in Barn 30 became ill.

Sunshine Wild was separated from the other horses in Barn 4 before he came down with a temperature, at which time he was moved to an offsite isolation facility. One other horse in Barn 4 came down with a temperature in April and also was moved offsite. That horse has tested negative for the virus twice.

The horses in Barn 30, which is still under quarantine, are scheduled to be retested for the virus in mid-May. If no other horses became ill with the virus and all of the horses in Barn 30 test negative for the virus, the quarantine will be over.

Currently two of Dandy's horses, who tested positive for the virus, are in an onsite isolation facility at Parx.