11/28/2006 12:00AM

Barbaro healing without cast


Radiographs of Barbaro's fractured right hind leg show that the Kentucky Derby winner has made good progress in healing since his cast was removed on Nov. 6.

"Barbaro is steadily gaining strength on his right hind limb now that it is out of the cast," chief surgeon Dr. Dean Richardson said in an update released Tuesday evening by the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center equine hospital. "He is only wearing a very light cotton bandage on that leg and both walks and stands well on it."

Richardson described the radiographs taken Monday as "excellent."

The 3-year-old Dynaformer colt's left hoof, which developed severe laminitis in mid-July, also appears to be progressing.

The university plans to issue another update on Dec. 12, unless there is a change in Barbaro's condition.