02/09/2009 12:00AM

Ban of Philly trainer upheld


Jayne Vaders, a perennial leading trainer at Philadelphia Park, had her license revoked as of Jan. 24 after a court affirmed the revocation by the state racing commission last year.

The Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission revoked Vaders's license in April last year, citing multiple postrace drug positives in horses she trained. Vaders appealed and was granted a stay, but the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on Jan. 9 upheld the commission' decision.

Jorge Augusto, the assistant counsel for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, said that Vaders was allowed to train until Jan. 24 so that she could transfer her horses to other trainers and "get her affairs in order."

Vaders saddled her last horse at Philadelphia on Jan. 21.

The revocation stemmed from a positive post-race drug test from a horse trained by Vaders in 2007. Stewards at the track had previously warned Vaders that her license was in danger of being revoked under a statute that allows racing authorities to take the action for two or more medication violations in one 12-month period.

Because racing states recognize rulings in other states, Vaders cannot currently start horses in any other state.