03/18/2003 12:00AM

Autotote entreats pick six judge


Autotote Corp. has asked a judge to consider "the harmful consequences of Chris Harn's betrayal" when he sentences the former Autotote employee on Thursday for his role in last year's Breeders' Cup pick six scandal.

A letter sent by lawyers for Autotote last Friday to U.S. District Court Judge Charles L. Brieant, the sentencing judge, said that Autotote suffered "irreparable financial losses" because of the pick six scandal. In his guilty plea with prosecutors, Harn admitted to entering computer systems at Catskill OTB, an Autotote client, and manipulating a Breeders' Cup pick six bet while working at Autotote headquarters in Delaware on Oct. 26, the day of the Breeders' Cup.

"Harn's betrayal of Autotote's trust caused an industry-wide financial upheaval, the effects of which linger today," the letter stated.

Harn's lawyer, Dan Conti, declined to comment on the letter on Tuesday.

Legal officials have said they expect Harn to receive a five- to six-year sentence.