11/13/2008 12:00AM

Asmussen hearing date set


The Texas Racing Commission has set a Dec. 16 stewards' hearing for trainer Steve Asmussen concerning a horse in his care who tested positive for lidocaine in May at Lone Star Park. The hearing comes more than six months after the horse, Timber Trick, won a maiden special weight race at Lone Star.

The original stewards' hearing was to be in July, but it was postponed as Asmussen's legal team sought to obtain a blood sample and additional split sample test data in advance of the hearing. Asmussen's lawyers filed a petition in district court, the commission was granted a continuance, and the case was finally heard last month. The judge hearing the case, however, ruled she had no jurisdiction in the matter as the case is still pending on a commission level with no stewards' ruling in place.

Lidocaine is a Class 2 drug violation. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy on the local anesthetic.