05/06/2014 12:19PM

Arizona bill allows account wagering


Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has signed a bill that allows telephone betting on horse and dog racing in Arizona, opening the state up to account wagering seven years after Arizona’s legislature cracked down on the practice.

The bill was passed overwhelmingly by the legislature several weeks ago, but not before stripping out language that would have allowed residents to place bets over the Internet. Nevertheless, the bill brings Arizona into the modern age of horse racing, where account wagering has been the only growing source of betting on races for the past decade.

In 2007, with the support of the state’s tracks – which were upset over account-wagering companies taking bets from state residents without paying fees to the tracks – Arizona’s legislature passed a law specifically outlawing account wagering. The bill signed by Brewer on Monday mandates the fees.

Brewer also used her line-item veto power to strike a provision of the bill that would have sent $1.2 million of the state’s budget to the Arizona Breeders’ Award Fund and the County Fair Fund. In a letter explaining her position, Brewer said the appropriation was struck due to budgetary concerns “during a time when we are instead marshaling resources to fund child-safety reform.”


Roland Bates More than 1 year ago
you I hope iam wrongmean we can only bet at tracks that are in Arizona and only by phone you can make a bet
Steve More than 1 year ago
Phone betting only???????? I guess coming into the 21st century is out of the question
606 More than 1 year ago
"the bill brings Arizona into the modern age of horse racing" LOL right now. No, it doesn't. It brings it into 1980. Friends in the industry here have told me that Turf Paradise wants to control phone wagering in the state. To appreciate the absurdity of that you probably have to live here and have experienced how badly Turf Paradise has damaged racing in the state. I hope horseplayers in other states never bet a dime on TuP races, they were the ones who lobbied for the 2007 bill that outlawed online wagering. That put me and others I know here out of the game. To have to drive 20 minutes to go to one of the awful OTBs here to place a bet was enough to turn me into a 4x/year bettor. No, I will not open a TuP phone account. So nice how Scarecrow Brewer struck the provision for the Breeders' Fund and the County Fair Fund. More money to spend on our corrupt, privately run prison system (AZ spends more on prisons than any other state). Arizona had a fairly decent fair circuit not that many years ago but then the state cut funding to the county fairs and now all the small fair tracks are gone with the exception of Rillito and one weekend at Sonoita. And Pima County seems bent on tearing down Rillito even though there were almost 10,000 people jammed in there closing day this year.
Frank Lewkowitz More than 1 year ago
dont be sure that it will be competitive i bet turf paradise telephone service will be the only game in town or they would have opposed it. this will guaranrtee poor quality , probable betting fees and the service turf paradise is famous for
Steven Jekel More than 1 year ago
It shows at lone star now. for quality racing you need quality horses. And that means quality purses are needed. We here in texas should offer the politicians in texas a percentage of the take and we will have this implemented and in use by next week!
Kendall Daniels More than 1 year ago
Maybe the fake free market politicians in Texas will at least let us do this soon. You can't prop up your horses racing industry by making it harder for horse players to play. Texas politicians don't understand that.
Ronald Brooks More than 1 year ago
When does this bill go into effect and when can we open accounts with TVG, Twin Spires, Express Bet, ect.
rvraynmary More than 1 year ago
Ronald, see my post above. not so clear onwhat the bill allows. stuckinarizona
Jeff S Grimsley More than 1 year ago
This law is junk, technology from the 80's. When they say phone betting they mean phone betting for horse racing and dog racing in this state. This is junk and nobody will use. TVG and the others still out..........