11/14/2012 5:46PM

Aqueduct pick six ends with $111 winner, pays $126K


Bettors chasing Wednesday’s two-day pick 6 carryover of $89,489 found it to be easy pickings early and tough sledding late.

Praetorian Guard ($5.80) and Sportswriter ($2.40) kept most tickets alive through the first two legs, followed by the harder-to-have Star Black ($22.80), Royal Sighting ($9.10) and What’s the Record ($8.50). But the missing link was Noosh’s Tale ($111.50), who rallied from off the pace under apprentice Keiber Coa to win the finale.

The winning combination of 8-2-3-4-9-2 paid $126,543; the 5 of 6 consolation paid $395.

Oddly enough, Noosh’s Tale was only the second highest-priced winner on the card, behind My Four Rewards, who paid $142.50 in race 2.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How about the great handicappers at twinspires they left out Ramon and that cost the players pool the win.How do you leave out the best rider at that track no excuses because they have done the same thig before
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ATOWN WHAT More than 1 year ago
I watched the final race. There should never be a horse > 30-1 in a 2 y.o. maiden. Those things are too wide open.
noocheroni More than 1 year ago
third start is the charm
Nathan More than 1 year ago
shouldn't the trainers and vets and grooms and owners of these 2 bombs take lie-detector tests to find out how they were juiced? they both won like they were even money. it's a joke. until lie-detector tests are allowed, the public will stay away. this is out and out fraud. nyra should at least bring back the retention barn. it worked.
Piranha PE More than 1 year ago
Wow, that escalated quickly. So you didn't cash I take it?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nathan, its called gambling. A Harvey Pack quote, " There's hardley a man alive that pays his bills at 3-5". bb/pokny
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nathan you are correct. it is fraud and cheating in horse racing, and the folks who disagree with us are simply gullable ppl and the types that believe everything anybody ever tells them... they dont like to challenge anything or anyone and so its easy for them to just say "oh thats gambling" I would add to your remarks only that there is a greater level of cheating done by track officials via their manipulating of payouts and tote board prices. thats where the real money is siphoned from bettors. prices on horses don't actually reflect where money is coming in from the horseplayers, horse prices are moved by track personnel to steer the public where they want them to be, and have total control of the payouts.
docfagah More than 1 year ago
If it's rigged that much, why do you bet on it?
Chris Bradley More than 1 year ago
Must of had MITT
Mike B More than 1 year ago
you mean must HAVE, not must "of"
Chris Bradley More than 1 year ago
Denile is not a River